Copo Wildcat?

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    My parents special ordered a 1970 Wildcat 4door 455 that I believe might be a COPO car. It was special ordered from Classic Buick in Cleveland, Ohio.
    I would love to find out more about the car. Here's what I know:

    Automatic - 3.42 Posi diff
    Emerald Mist (Riviera color)
    WHITE vinyl top
    WHITE cloth and vinyl interior (I believe it was a split bench)
    Aqua or Green carpets

    And I believe it was equipped with a Stage 1 motor...
    The reason I remember this is my memory of the day we picked it up... The gentleman who ordered it for us mentioned in describing the motor as we lifted the hood, that it was the "same special motor" that was in his car. That car, which he took me for a ride in, was a 1970 GS Stage-1, 4 speed, convertible. Red with a white top and interior. The details of THAT car are very clear to me. I was 12, and a performance car fan. I new EXACTLY what I was looking at! Obviously I didn't give a crap about the folks new "Luxo-boat"!

    Any information appreciated.

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