complete wiring diagram? 1972 Buick Riviera

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    so I need a complete wiring diagram for a 1972 Buick riviera seems like my vehicle has been through a ringer with someone and what seems to be a freaking hacksaw so I need to know what all pieces I am missing and what all I need to make this old girl turn over... any help is appreciated... I can post pictures if anyone is interested in helping out...
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    Come ad it to the registry - omce you build your members page to min level you'll get access to a large size colour coded redrawn wiring diagram just for riviera's (thats and things people should know before shopping for a boattail are on our facebook group to download too,) and the boattail specifc library has the chassis manual full diagram - as well there is an extract for all the wiring schematics and diagrams from both the chassis and body manuals - which are also in the library. when you start your registry process you get library access all the searchable bookmarked options codes and availability - numbers of each option (including paint colours vinyl tops and interior trim by colour and seat type produced and prices too along with a decode guide for all three boattails - others sell the same info for 1 year of specifci A bodies in book form for $50 here.

    Best of all its all free, we just ask you consider a donation to help pay site costs, and or contribute to libraries to get even more.

    come browse around

    The All Buicks Libraries has more Buick info then you find on the web and pay big bucks too get access too.
    - and lots even you wont find elsewhere and it s still growing.

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