Clutch Pedal, Z-Bar and Clutch rods

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by Stage1Ragtop, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Stage1Ragtop

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    This may have been address elsewhere on this forum, but after a quick look around, I don't see anything that exactly addresses this, so here goes.

    I have 1971 GS 455 that I want to convert from a TH400 to an M-20. I am having issues locating the correct clutch pedal assembly and related rods/z-Bar. I have seen some opinions that 'think' that 1970-73 Olds Cutlass and GTO parts will work, but aren't sure. I am also pretty sure that Chevelle parts will not work. So my question is, can anyone give me a definitive answer to whether or not 1971 Olds/Pontiac clutch parts will work in my GS? If not, are you aware on any sources for these parts?
  2. allioop108

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    My advice, since i have both a 1970 cutlass and a 1970 skylark, both converted to 4 speeds is to use the olds parts since they are the same as the buick parts. I have original factory parts from both cars and I see no differences. I am pretty sure, from research that the chevelle stuff is a tad bit different, not that it could not work but you would most likely need to use a complete setup were as olds and buick can mix and match because they are the same. you can also use the olds z bar or the buick small block z bar, same as olds, and it will work. If you have more questions or need pics let me know, i will try to help. the conversion was very easy and much fun to drive. the pontiac stuff may also be a tad different, i have the gto restoration book and can see the stuff is not all the same. olds stuff is very easy to come by.

  3. allioop108

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    one more word of advice, before you install clutch pedal assembly do reinforce it as they break easily, have someone weld in a extra metal bar to the area that the rod from the pedal through the firewall attaches to. mine broke and one of the ones i bought had it done and i have seen people selling them with this mod done, they will break in time and you do not want to get stuck with the clutch pedal being useless, been there done that.

  4. Stage1Ragtop

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I think I have found most of the parts. And thinks for the hist on reinforcing the clutch pedal.
  5. gsgnnut

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    I used a 67 buick small block z bar with minor mods in a 72 with a 455 . also. I have used a Pontiac bell housing and column and pedals from a 71 gs
    Have also used 350 z bar with minor mods in a bbb. Parts is parts.

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