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    DavidC77 "Matilda" 1970 Buick GSX

    Hi All

    Ive been a member of Central New England Chapter / BCA ( CNEC/BCA ) for a while now... This year I become the Membership Coordinator for the CNEC/BCA

    Ive attached the new Membership Form if anyone is interested in joining...

    Ive included the BCA Membership Form in case your BCA Membership has expired or you weren't a member, as you know you need to be a member of the BCA to be a member of CNEC/BCA

    The club is doing a Car Show at Cernak Buick on Saturday, September 12, 2015
    Ive included that Flyer also, please pass the word around about the Car Show (Buick's only) and of course we hope to see you there

    I guess thats it for now



    PS: It's not letting me load the other forms right now, I'll rework them and get them loaded, in the mean time PM me with your E-Mail Address and I can get them to you that way if you would like to join...

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