Carter AFB rebuild/electronic kickdown

Discussion in 'Carter' started by xs650shawn, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. xs650shawn

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    Is a Carter AFB from a '67 Skylark worth rebuilding? Should I buy and aftermarket carb? What kind is best for street use? Also, any resources for the electronic kickdown unit next to the carb? Can the smog pump be removed relatively easy? Thanks.
  2. Greg Gessler

    Greg Gessler GS Stage1

    If the car is mostly stock, I would keep and rebuild the original carb and keep all the correct parts on car. We carry parts and rebuild kits for the Carter and Edelbrock AFB's. Try giving Glenn at CARS a call to see if he has the kickdown switch as we do not carry that part.
  3. xs650shawn

    xs650shawn Well-Known Member

    What is the contact info for Glenn at CARS?
  4. 12lives

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    Also watch ebay - I've picked up a couple good ones there...or ask this board under parts wanted.

    - Bill
  5. Greg Gessler

    Greg Gessler GS Stage1


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