Car Show Etiquette (Fire Extinguishers)

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  1. Duane

    Duane Member

    In case you ever wanted to know why we enforce having Fire Extinguishers at car shows. This is something I wrote years ago.

    Car Show Etiquette

    The BPG, like the BCA, require a car to have a readily available fire extinguisher, before the car can be judged. It does not need to be mounted to the vehicle, but it must be easily accessible in an emergency.

    Up until now we have been a bit lax in enforcing this "fire extinguisher rule", but that is about to change. I am stating here publicly, for ALL to see, that from now on if a car does not have a fire extinguisher it will not be judged at the BPG Nationals, and I will give my reasons.

    Many of us rarely drive our cars, and keep them in storage most of the time. We all know what happens when cars sit idle for long periods of time, gaskets dry out, carburetors varnish, mechanical linkage starts to stick, wires crack, brakes start hanging up, etc, etc.

    The following is a personally witnessed example of what can happen at a car show.

    Years ago one of our local Mustang clubs was holding it’s annual car show. It was basically a show within a show, with the Mustang club having their show in one area, and everyone else in the area next to them.

    The day went on and everything was fine, until the guys started leaving. There was an old guy there (Original Owner) with a restored green 50's woody wagon. The car was beautiful, anyway while he was heading for the gate the carb backfired and gas spilled out of the air cleaner and poured all over the engine. The car then caught on fire and the guy was standing next to it yelling and watching it burn.

    Everyone at the regular show was standing there helpless, including myself, and was watching it burn, but about 10 or so Mustang guys grabbed fire extinguishers from their trunks and put the fire out. The damage ended up being minimal, as it was contained to the under-hood area, and the hood.

    The above situation illustrates perfectly how important fire extinguishers can be. If the fire had not been quickly contained the car would have been a total loss, but through the efforts of a few guys, and the availability of a few fire extinguishers, the car was saved.

    Duane Heckman

    BPG Assistant Car Show Director
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  2. Briz

    Briz Founders Club Member

    Always leave mine in the trunk but displayed. I see many folks put them under the front tire. Is that required?
  3. Duane

    Duane Member

    It doesn’t matter where they are as long as there is easy access to them.

    If you have yours out in the open where everyone can see them it is probably better. That way if there is a problem anyone can grab it.
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  4. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Platinum Level Contributor

    I had my fuel line to the carb start to leak after leaving a show 3 years ago, it was fine for many months previous, but I could smell gas about 200 yards down the road when leaving. Pulled over and it was leaking real bad. Had to borrow tools and reseat the fuel line connection and eventually replace the gasket because it started to drip again a year later. So far so good but I make sure I keep a charged fire extinguisher with me. There was no smell a gas during the entire show so it stated leaking when I left. Just goes to show you how these things can happen out of no where.

    Now I am so paranoid that I pop the hood and check for gas after every drive:(
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  5. Nearing

    Nearing Well-Known Member

    To underscore the need for a fire extinguisher...

    Years ago, I owned a red 1970 Corvette LTI totally original with a Holley carb. Ran perfect until one day I was stopped at a light, and one of the carb floats stuck and fuel started pouring out over the hot engine. I got out, opened the hood and it caught fire. I did not have a fire extinguisher.

    However, a guy next to me did and he got out of his truck, calmly walked over to my car and put the fire out. The crazy part is he never said a word, and jumped back in his car and drove off like this happened to him all the time.

    I sold the car shortly afterwards. Should have kept it.
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  6. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    It always blows my mind that people get angry about the fire extinguisher rule. I'm talking irate. Get a grip, man. If I find myself having to run to Home Depot or somewhere before a show, I grab 2 or 3....because I know there will be others that forget.
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  7. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Platinum Level Contributor

    I wonder how many people actually know how to use them. It's not hard but trying to learn while your car is burning is not the time.
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  8. The Big Guy

    The Big Guy Nailhead Nation

    I'm in the process of mounting fire extinguishers in all my classic cars. I'm buying the new Halon-type extinguishers and making the brackets with my 3D printer. It's expensive and time-consuming, and hopefully all for naught. I hope I never have to use one of them on my car or anyone else's.
  9. 72gs4spd

    72gs4spd Well-Known Member

    This is why I think fire extinguishers are a must have. The only two photos I have. Almost 40 years ago l, but it still stings. 71C46480-E6E5-43CA-AB4D-FC44FEE4E51F.jpeg 74D8640A-287A-4D59-BB81-B7B80289D418.jpeg
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  10. 73 Stage-1

    73 Stage-1 Dave

    :( On a side note, we used to run those same whitewall T/As... but yes, fire extinguishers are a must - in the house, garage, and car.
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  11. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    I carry one of these aerosol cans on the passenger front seat of the Buick. Wonder if that passes the "extinguisher" rule?
  12. 72gs4spd

    72gs4spd Well-Known Member

    Its capacity maybe an issue for an automobile. Looks like a good one to have in the kitchen under the sink.
  13. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    I mounted a Co2 extinguisher in my trunk a few years ago after reading Duane's original post about this. I mounted it as close to the bumper as possible and painted it Eastwood ceramic Buick engine red.
    Thanks Duane for shedding light on this subject, it's very important.

  14. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    I've been purchasing and replacing my existing fire extinguishers with the Italian made "Element" brand. Rated for "A", "B", "C", & "K" fires. I've been purchasing the "E50" model which have 50 seconds of discharge. $80 with basic mount. I also bought a roll cage mount for my car.

    This fire extinguisher is a game changer ....... watch the video.

    Not cheap....... but what is these days??
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  15. Jim27

    Jim27 Member

    I agree with Steve, I saw the Element fire extinguisher on Jay Leno's Garage. I have one in my Skylark and one in my kitchen. So much lighter and smaller. Hopefully we never need to use them.
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  16. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Not that any more proof is needed, but a fire extinguisher saved this 1975 Lincoln from being a total loss. The hood pad was even reused.
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