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    New guy here. 74 Apollo, first buick ever! This car is an old drag car I'm returning to the street. It has original wiring harness. I've got all the lights and signals working, but no brake lights. Checked the switch and plunger at the pedal, it's all there. There is an orange and white wire connected, but neither has power to or from it. Shouldn't there be power there? Those 2 wires are part of the harness. Where do they go and where should the power be coming from?
    Second. The harness that runs to back of the car has been cut into. There are 3 wires that have been cut. One of those is orange, which has constant power. The other 2 are dead. Any thoughts there?
    Trying to avoid buying a new harness and starting over, but might have to. Appreciate any input. If anyone has a good, simple diagram of wiring for this car, that would help too.
    Thanks a lot!
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    First thing you might want to do is get a factory repair manual. I believe the power to the brake light switch comes from the fuse panel. Did you check the fuses? The constant power one in back is it with the ign. switch on or off? If it only has power when the switch comes on it probably is your fuel sender. I have a 76 Skylark, I will get a pick of the wiring diagram today and post it.
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    This was in a hurry, if you need better or more specific let me know. should show brake light switch and rear wiring buick wiring 1.JPG buick wiring 2.JPG buick wiring 3.JPG buick wiring 4.JPG
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  4. buick64203

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    Brake lights go through the directional switch
  5. BBM66

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    Thank you for those diagrams, awesome. Should be able to figure it out now. Thanks for the input fellas!
  6. gsx455-4ever

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    One side of the Brake Light switch should have power .Jason is correct that the brake lights go thru the turn signal switch also !
  7. BBM66

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    Found the problem! As I said, this is an old drag car going back on the street. Followed diagram above...At some point, someone rewired the lights to do the whole single taillight, single headlight thing. Both wires had been snipped under the dash after the harness was seperated. Re connected and working! Now, onto the wipers!
    Thanks again!

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