Big car full suspension rebuild kits

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    Thank you for the heads up. I've never had any dealings with Craig so I can't comment on his protocol for how he does business and handles returns but I will not do business with a person/place that doesn't take responsibility for sending the wrong product. If they gave me the wrong part and I returned it it the same shape, if opened at all and they refused to refund my money or give me the correct part that would be the one and only time they got my business and I would make sure others knew of my dealings with that place/person. Now, on the other hand if I supplied the part number I wanted and I was wrong then you know what I'd eat it and learn my lesson to double check part numbers before ordering. Some places will do a return even if it was your screw up they just charge a restocking fee and you eat the shipping but most times they'll take it back and resend the correct item.
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