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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by oldsoul324, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. oldsoul324

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    Hey guys im the proud owner of a 1970 buick lesabre and i just got hold of a set of rally rims from a 1971 Riviera hopefully they'll fit let me kno if they won't felllas! Unfortunately the rims don't have the center caps and i was wondering what center caps are interchangeable with which rims and where i can find some for mine. I payed about 375 including shipping for the rims i got which are in pretty good shape feel free to let me kno if i got ripped off it'll hurt but i'd rather kno then not. Thanks for any input fellas
  2. 75Riv

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    71's (and up) won't fit properly on a 70 (66-70). Also the sizes for the caps differ 66-70: 2 1/8"vs 71-up: 2")

    The caps for your 70 LeSabre should look like these (here with Riviera emblem; should be tri-shield), but won't fit your wheels: [​IMG]

    Center caps on 71 and up look like these:


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  3. oldsoul324

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    So are all the 66-70 center caps interchangeable or do i need center caps off of a 5x5 big buick rally rim
  4. oldsoul324

    oldsoul324 Active Member

    Also i've never seen these rims up close and in person so do i just need the plastic buick tri-shield piece or do i need that the retainer and the metal piece that im assuming the plastic piece mounts onto.....In short am i hunting down three separate pieces or 1
  5. gsfred

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    They come all assembled. If you need a set of 71 up ones I have an NOS set for sale.

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