Bearing Clearances

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by Philip66, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Bens99gtp

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    Was those motors running a side motor mount/ mid or front plates too. I was told and can see how the side mount on the block could flex in the #2 main. Just wonder even with plates if they are used if this could still be an issue
  2. Philip66

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    What is the best way to plumb in an oil heater and an oil temp gauge?

    Can you "T" off of the oil pressure port for the oil temp sending unit?
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  3. Bens99gtp

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    I have a postons pan, I just drilled and tapped the pan for the temp sensor, plan to do the same with the heater. I talked with Steve middle of summer about the pans he makes, he welds bungs in for them. But his pans are sheet al, mine is thick cast al. I picked the pan,because it was easiest, and this is where the fluid falls after it does its clue if right after the pump would get same temp readings or not
  4. Dave Mongeon

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    John that was 15 years ago ! lol I can tell you the last one was after 11 chassis dyno pulls and it was 100 % brass when we took it out! All motors were are on frt & rear plates.
    If you have water in the motor use a block heater dont see the sence pumping warm oil thru ice cold block? get block warm circulate oil thru hot block til it warms. Makes more sense to me But i'm Canadian so block heaters r 2nd nature lol
  5. Philip66

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    Street/Strip car has a deep modified steel pan.
    Race car has one of Steve's fabbed pans but it doesn't have a extra bung welded in.

    Dave, would your motor really be considered loose if you use the .001" of bearing cto 1" diameter of main/rod journal?
    Standard Buick mains are 3 inches, right?

    I've run Mack trucks for 25 years Dave, so block heaters are normal for me, too. I bought a couple Mack dump trucks at an auction last year down in Mississippi. They didn't come from the factory with block heaters! I guess it doesn't get cold enough down there to worry about a block heater!
  6. Dave Mongeon

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    Buick main is 3.25" you can order Tomahawk with 3" main. tight or loose is really depening on what your doing with the motor. ..0035
    might be consdered tight to a 10000 rpm promod using 60 w oil to them .005 may be just right! I dont think there is a magic fits all applications # you have to read what your combo is t elling you and give it what it wants, rotating wieght balance % etc for different combos can play into it , if your going to push into new levels of performance (which the block allows us to do ) we are going to have to learn what works ! Hopfully not allways the hard way lol .
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    Some great info here, there should be a bearing clearance sticky.
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