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Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by chucknixon, Jun 21, 2018.

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    We got here in Denver on Wednesday afternoon. Cars are arriving hourly and should be 185 - 200 cars by Saturday morning for the show field. As of tonight, Thursday there are not many 64 - 72 'A' bodies but I expect there will be more tomorrow. Mike is here with his stunning 72. Some really nice classics showing up. More tomorrow night or Saturday.

    My 67 GS 400 finally with all the pieces back together after the repaint

    IMG_1757.jpg IMG_1770.jpg
    IMG_1761 - Copy.jpg IMG_1763 - Copy.jpg IMG_1765 - Copy.jpg
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  2. My3Buicks

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    Wow, The nationals get smaller and smaller by the sounds of the numbers
  3. Smartin

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    I think it just varies with location. There were only 200 in Plano. 500 in Rochester.
  4. red67wildcat

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    Your car is amazing Chuck ,it dosnt get any better than it
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    Wish I could be there with my car.
  6. chucknixon

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    Yes, this meet was one of the smaller meets with 170+ cars registered, only 64 judged on the show field although a number of cars were in display category which in the end made a nice Saturday show field for 6 hours to see them all together. It was expected by BCA that Denver location would draw a smaller crowd given its distance from East coast and Midwest. There were entrants from all over the U.S., just a fewer number.

    As an officer in the North Texas Chapter of BCA I will be working with other chapter members to stage and put on the 2019 BCA National Meet to be held in Mid-West City Oklahoma, a suburb of OK City, and close to Tinker AFB. We chose OK instead of Texas for a number of reasons, first and foremost the venue in and around OK City and the wonderful tours that will be offered including a portion of Route 66, OK Federal Building memorial, 'Automobile Row' of dealerships in OK City that includes preserved buildings including the Buick dealership that is now a restaurant with a 1933 Buick sitting inside. There are many other sights and activities so it should be really a fun event. June 12-15, 2019. 'Come on down' :)
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    I wa
    Thanks Roy. There were a number of 1967 GS400 cars present for judging and display. Mine managed a Silver award which means it gathered between 370-384 points in the 400 point judging process. Since the standard for 400 points is the car needs to appear as if it just came from the factory and points are deducted from there. My car has not had a engine overhaul meaning the engine has not been out of it and there fore the engine bay and all parts and accessories are not gleaming and look new ( or restored). The underside of my car is clean but not scrubbed and painted back to the factory look. Radial tires are accepted from 1967 forward but the tire size is not the same as factory equipped so that is a 4 point deduction, one point for each tire.

    The outside of my car should have not had many if any deductions since it was a fresh paint job, bumpers re-chromed, all stainless polished, tail lights and chrome surrounds like new, rear chrome across the trunk like new, nice grill etc. My deductions probably came from the un-restored engine and under carriage plus a few things in the interior could have been better, like the backs of the buckets as I ran out of time to re-paint them but had new carpet, console all re-done, steering wheel essentially crack free and re-panted, etc. I can get a copy of the judging sheets which I will do but I bought the car as a nice driver and I am not going to spend a lot of time and money to make it a Senior Gold Award car 390-400 points.

    I was chagrined by the number of folks who came by in the 3.5 days we were there and complimented the car as it sat in the beautiful Denver sunshine and gleamed. (no hood up). BCA folks are a great bunch and appreciated all Buicks, original, drivers, modified, or restored. t

    Now I have to get to the 1921 Buick Touring that I bought 6 weeks ago and get it inspected, registered, and ready for the neighborhood July 4th parade!:D
  8. chucknixon

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    I did take a ton of photos of the meet so when I get back to Fort Worth I will download them and post a variety of the best.

    Will also describe with photos the tour to the 'Rambler Ranch' and 108 AMC, Rambler, and Nash cars owned by one fella and his dedication to the 1950-1960's. He has 5 metal buildings, two of which have A/C heat and the other three are new and being finished. He built a complete house decorated and furnished as if it was mid 1950's representing the middle american family ( which a number of us grew up in). Owner has over 800 AMC/Nash/Rambler and other cars including his bone yard with some cars that clearly could be restored, but he might have 3 models of the same car already. He had 4 Nash and AMC cars in various condition delivered from Canada just last week.
    www.ramblerranch.com. Well worth a visit if you have a group and can arrange a visit. 25 miles Southeast of Denver and it is not open to the public.

    Also took a tour of the Air Force Academy and the Garden of the Gods rock formations and they were very informative. Put the academy on your bucket list, very impressive with a great history of dedication to our U.S. military and the training cadets receive during their four years there.
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    I just wish I could have made it. Had to work. A friend of mine had both his early Buicks down there. one display only one got close to 390 of 400. Didn't know for sure they don't tell.

  10. chucknixon

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    OK, here goes a series of posts with photos of the meet. The photos will be generally in chronological order but not always.

    DSC_5266.JPG DSC_5275.JPG DSC_5277.JPG DSC_5278.JPG DSC_5279.JPG DSC_5283.JPG DSC_5286.JPG DSC_5288.JPG DSC_5289.JPG
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    More BCA 2018
    DSC_5293.JPG DSC_5294.JPG DSC_5295.JPG DSC_5296.JPG DSC_5297.JPG DSC_5298.JPG DSC_5299.JPG DSC_5300.JPG DSC_5301.JPG DSC_5303.JPG
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    DSC_5310.JPG DSC_5312.JPG DSC_5313.JPG DSC_5314.JPG DSC_5315.JPG DSC_5316.JPG DSC_5318.JPG DSC_5319.JPG

    Attached Files:

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    DSC_5320.JPG DSC_5321.JPG DSC_5322.JPG DSC_5326.JPG DSC_5327.JPG DSC_5329.JPG DSC_5330.JPG DSC_5331.JPG DSC_5332.JPG DSC_5333.JPG
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    Few more....

    BCA3.jpg BCA4.JPG BCA5.jpg BCA7.jpg BCA8.jpg BCA9.jpg BCA10.jpg BCA11.jpg BCA12.jpg BCA13.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Last .....
    IMG_1820.jpg IMG_1822.jpg

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