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Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by cowboydan, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. cowboydan

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    i'v been kicking around the notion of awd for a long time. it does have some clear advantages. i am building my budget for my 430 but i don't want to have traction issues. this would be solved with a set of slicks of some kind. but i'm a car guy and i can pick out the sleepers rather easily. so how do i get traction without the dead givaways. my answer is awd. i love the bfg ta, but i'll spin the tread off in a few passes. my regal is a 1980 turbo sport coupe... without the turbo or an engine. the frame is in really bad shape (totally rusted through). and a crappy spraybalm paint job. i have my 430 plan, but if i'm going to make my ultimate sleeper i want it my way! i just want to see the looks on racers faces when i skipp the water blocks. i'm also planning a factory exaust with header dumps

    in the past i have done similar projects. like my old ford bronco. 1978 diffs and frame with an 1987 body. the hardest thing seems to be the engine.
  2. austingta

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    I don't know how you would fit a transaxle under an old Buick.
  3. Nothingface5384

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    a transmisson/transfercase out of a bravada would be a start...those were awd pretty sure anyways
    but the typhoons/cyclones were definatly had an awd 700r4 setup
  4. cowboydan

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    i have a donor already. 1992 astro awd. the wheel base is pretty close to the regal and i am sourcing out either a lowering kit or aribags. i have to modify the oil pan i'm sure, but it will work. i'm going to use the 4.3 that came with the chassis. i have to source out another 430 block. i'm putting a centerfugal superchrger into the budget somewhere... now all i need is more money!!!!
  5. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 Detail To Oil - Car Care

    if youre using a 4.3 theirs a mono drive supercharger kit for'll also work with a chevy 350 if you go to that route later
  6. cowboydan

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    the astro has i nice awd setup. the front pumpkin is set to the driver side. it is equiped with cv axles. but to go the required 3" drop, there will be oiling issues. i can get an additional 2.5-3" using a dry sump.

    with a certain awd t-case and awd steering knuckle assemblies, i can use many other gm frames.

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