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Discussion in 'Other' started by deluxe68, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. deluxe68

    deluxe68 Well-Known Member

    Is there any advantage to running annular instead of dog leg boosters on a Sp1 intake?
    I have read that the annular style does a better job of fuel atomization compared to the straight or dog leg boosters
    but it hinders some cfm due to the area they cover.
  2. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    For most applications you will never know the difference. My 1000cfm pro systems we ran on our 464 that went 10.90, Patrick used just standard boosters that he did some other mods too. It has a groove cut in the bottom to help the fuel evenly distribute.

    The annular has 8 or 10 small holes the fuels comes out of instead of just 1. Hince why it takes up so much space.

    What you tend to see is in the larger 4500 series they are almost all annular cause the butterflies are large enough not to only not really effect cfm......but flow over, around, and through. The 4150s mostly are down leg.

    With a larger booster the air has to slow down a little to work itself around it, but ypu want the air going through the booster as fast as possable to not only pull fuel but sheer it as well.

    But if shopping for a new carb it's best to pick your supplier and follow them, there are a few ways to skin the cat with a carb and talking to 5 builders will get you 5 answers and all differant.

    I like pro system, great service, if your willing to email you normally get a response in less than hr, phone calls longer. But i have called on a sat when out of state and spoke with Patrick while he was racing. Ti me that means something. With his advice I get to find other weeker areas in our build, that we though we're carb, but we're timing, tine up, and fuel system.
  3. shiftbyear

    shiftbyear Well-Known Member

    there are many pro/con theories on which is better. what was written in stone yesterday may be erased tomorrow. what works good on your engine may not work on a similar cube ford motor. talk with some of the carb mfg's tech people or engine shops that have a dyno, example: t/a performance. my favorite design is the double booster on the quadrajet primary, I also like the annular holley, but I would try as many as possible to see how the car responds. good luck
  4. deluxe68

    deluxe68 Well-Known Member

    I'm not necessarily in the market for a carb but, I noticed that Quickfuel offers a 750 cfm with annular boosters.
    This carb out of the box almost has identical jetting & bleeds as my Q850 currently is set up now but with different boosters.
    Was just curious if the sp1 would benefit from boosters that atomized fuel better. I know what works with one engine might not have the same results on another. I'll give TA a call tommorow and see what they have to say.

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