Anderson Indiana late 70's owner of a 69 Stage1???

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by stage169, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. stage169

    stage169 Well-Known Member

    Thought I would take a shot at it..... One owners dad lived at 19th and Pearl and he didn't except my offer. The owner was a Purdue student in 78-79. Two weeks later it was in the paper again and I bought it.

    Just hoping for any additional information I can find. Brian
  2. PackerBacker

    PackerBacker Blake's Dad

    Brian -

    You still in the Anderson area? I'm just north in Daleville, it's hard to find Buick guys out here in corn country.

  3. stage169

    stage169 Well-Known Member

    Steve, hey neighbor! I'm in Thorntown now. I've met a few of the Indiana chapter members but you are right. I'm sure I would of spotted your car if I drove by it. Do you make any of the Indiana Buick gatherings? I did Indy last year and Ohio this year. I even went to the Anderson show this summer and ran into a fellow classmate that I had talked to on the net without realizing it. He gave me a good ride in his car that day:grin: Brian

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