aftermarket carb for the 430 ???

Discussion in 'Other' started by red67wildcat, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. red67wildcat

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    after years of running the stock carb on my 430 and not much luck finding good rebuilders of these carbs I know some people dont think much of the 67 carbs either Iam thinking of going aftermarket so what has everone used? Ill admit tunning carbs is not my expertize and the wildcat is a driver so what Iam looking for is a good reliable every day carb that I can pretty much just bolt on and go and Ill admit ignore so what works on a buick 430 from experiance??
  2. DaWildcat

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    Roy, what in particular seems to be the problem with the original?

  3. sailbrd

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  4. flynbuick

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    Get a 70-74 Q jet that has been on a running car or get a core and have it rebuilt.
  5. dmfconsult

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    I believe if you use a later Qjet, the fuel inlet is in a different position from the '67 so you'll have to fab a new fuel line from the fuel pump. Up until recently, I had an 800 cfm Qjet from a 72 455 and had to do this when I went back to the '67 Qjet. I know of a couple of guys in the Vancouver, BC area that could do a nice job on your carb... I'm surprised there isn't anyone near you.
  6. red67wildcat

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    I had it redone by a local Qjet guy a few years back but it never has gotten a smooth idle to it and now Iam starting to get a lot of fuel oder after driving it and fuel miliage has seemed to go downhill not that that is a big factor but I was just looking for a trouble free alternitive and I wasnt that impressed with the last "experts" rebuild so Iam open to all sugestions as I said carbs are not my expertize and just looking for the best idea you guys got
  7. doc

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    I replaced the qjet that was on a 1970 stage 1 that I had with a spread bore holley and picked up 3 mpg and better power.....
  8. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

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