AFB base corrosion and throttle shaft play

Discussion in 'Carter' started by jeremyillingwor, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. jeremyillingwor

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    I took my disassembled AFB to my mechanic as he was going to dunk it in his tank for me. They have an older mechanic at the shop who had a quick look at it and said there is too much play in the shafts. There was a guy in town who repaired shafts but he appears to have retired. I was going to see who here can refer me to a specialist that can do it. I also have some corrosion on the base from a worn through steel plate.

    How bad is the corrosion? Is this base junk or will it have more life?

    It it worth getting the shafts fixed? I haven't priced anything out yet but my mechanic thinks just getting a rebuild unit might be cheaper. I've already opened my rebuild kit, so it's not returnable, but I supposed I can sell it to someone here to minimize my loss on that.


  2. LARRY70GS

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  3. jeremyillingwor

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    Are those easy to install? I never considered doing it myself; I always thought it was a once in a lifetime thing that was best done by someone experienced.

  4. LARRY70GS

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    Did you watch the video?:laugh:
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    I think that base would be ok. It should not have a vacuum leak. I believe the AFB has the 3/8" shaft. I have put bushings in these before. Usually charge $49 plus about $12 return shipping.
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  6. jeremyillingwor

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    I'm on a slow connection and didn't watch the video.

    Was doing the bushings easy? I expect to pay more for shipping, since it's across the border.

  7. LARRY70GS

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    Looked real easy to me. kit comes with the drill bit. You should see if you can watch the video, maybe on someone else's connection. The guy doing the video is entertaining.:grin:
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    The front shaft is 3/8" & the rear shaft is 5/16". If this is for a "NailHead" I just block the holes in the intake under the carb. so the plate is no longer required as we don't need the heat under the carb. for the type of driving we do today, i.e. mostly fair weather driving.
  10. jeremyillingwor

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    For me the car is an all weather, year round daily driver, so I don't want to block anything off.

  11. jeremyillingwor

    jeremyillingwor Well-Known Member

    I finally got around to watching the video; it does look pretty easy to do. Has anybody here used these kits?

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