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    Hey guys, I wasn't real sure where to post this, but I am looking for some input on a rear end that Tri-shield is building for me.
    Here is a snip from his email...
    "Question now is.. do you want to narrow the housing a little, to accommodate particular rims (which may have a different backspacing)..

    For example.. on the A bodies, we could easily fit 11" wide tires in the wheel house, the issue is that they don't make the correct wheel backspacing to make it work.. The ideal backspace on a GS 10" Rim is 4.75, but most wheel companies only make 4.5 or 5"... And the only way to make that work is to get a 12 bolt from a 65-7 Chevelle.. those are 1" shorter overall, (.5 on each side) so that allows a 4.5" backspacing Rim to work, without running the tire sidewall into the inner fender..

    So the question is, are you going to run wider rims?.. if your going to run factory stuff, this is no issue, we will just build it the factory dimension..

    Might want to check with the big car guys on the board, and see if they have an opinion."
    I have a 500hp 463ci with 10.5:1 compression.
    I don't race and I like the look of the stock tire/wheel combination, but some nice fat tires might be fun.
    Does anyone have suggestions on if I should leave it stock width or what combo you are running if you think it should be narrower?
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    See my answer in the fastest boats down the track thread

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