A prayer request for my surgery

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Stg'd 2Discover, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    Give your dad our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Get him up and moving as soon as possible. Makes for a quicker healing process.
  2. sharkmonkey

    sharkmonkey Give me something to hit!

    Good to hear he's doing well. Me and my family are praying for a speedy recovery!
  3. startec

    startec Member

    Tom, 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Today, I am cancer free, EVERYTHING workds like nothing ever happended. God is great. You can be assured of my prayers daily. Don't hesitiate to contact me. Ed

  4. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    Praise God!!!
    may your recovery be speedy, and complete!!
  5. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    Sweet :TU: :TU: :TU: :TU: :TU:
  6. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    How are you doing fella? You must be recouping at home by now.
    Give us an update please.
    Been thinking about you because I have another checkup this weekend.
  7. Stg'd 2Discover

    Stg'd 2Discover Lumpty, Lumpty, Lumpty

    Back at home

    Sorry for not updating you guys sooner. I've been home for about a week but, on my back 98% of time and resting. I never thought I would feel this tired.

    All your prayers and thoughts were well received and felt. As you know from my son Erik, the surgery went well. Thanks to the Lord in guiding Dr. Casey & his team, on a procedure, that was noted as text book.
    Within the next week, I hope to get back the pathologist's report, medically confiming the cancer was all contained to the removed prostate.

    During the last week, I did develop a some badder spasming and a high fever, but everything is under control thanks to prayer, my wife Marie, kids and Home care nursing services for helping me along during the trying moments.

    Back to some rest now.
    We'll keep you posted.

  8. 1993SC2

    1993SC2 1974 AMC Javelin, 360/4sp

    I'm an occasionally posting member, my love for Buicks started with bold musclecars and beautiful postwar models (early 50s Roadmaster convertibles), not to mention the buying of my uncle's 77 Electra 225 but he sold it to a guy and refunded my $$ since I had no way to get it home with bad brakes and low oil psi at idle. And the 99ish Rivs are gorgeous cars, keep your Grand Prixs, I'm taking a Riv, slower but more unique. :)

    I'm a oddball Christian, attending church and being an overall decent imperfect person, yet with a seemingly unChristanlike no-mercy approach to the war on suicide bombers.

    So, you know me and I now know Tom. Here's my words.

    If I came by more often, I'd be praying for you then. I will be praying for you now. Better late than never.
  9. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member


    Glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry to hear about the spasms, some get them some do not.
    All the annoyances should stop once you have the "sidekick" removed.
    Should be very soon I imagine. That is a relief in itself.
    Remeber - 200 kegels a day. I was faithful to the regiment and it certainly paid off. Three months since my surgery and I have full control and function.
    Good luck and keep the faith. :TU:
  10. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member

    Just wondering?

    Did you guys have any symptoms to let you know something was maybe
    wrong that the rest of us should look out for? :)
  11. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    One of the more common symptoms is the need to get up and go two, three, or four times during the sleeping hours. Sometimes it may carry into the daytime too. Frequent need to urinate and the feeling that the bladder is not drained completely.

    Any man over the age of 45 should be checked at least once a year!!!
    All it takes is a simple blood test!!
  12. Eric

    Eric Founders Club Member


    Thanks for the info. I will remember and act upon your suggestions! :)
  13. Stg'd 2Discover

    Stg'd 2Discover Lumpty, Lumpty, Lumpty


    Something else to remember, is even if the urination symptoms are not present and there has been a family history of prostate cancer, your chances of development are increased. If your father had it you'd be at 2 times the risk. If both your Father and brother had it the odds jump to 4 times.

    Up here, the stats show prostate cancer as the #2 cause of male mortality related to cancer.

    I couldn't have said it any better than Bill. Get an annual test, if over 45.

    Early detection is the key. If I did nothing over my situation I'd have only 10 more years to live. Now, after complete removal it's a normal life span.

  14. Stg'd 2Discover

    Stg'd 2Discover Lumpty, Lumpty, Lumpty

    It's almost 3 weeks since the surgery and I 'm on my feet now, most of the time. Some remarkable healing has occured in the last week, both physically and emotionally. No more incision dressings and I 'm practicing a "Stress Less" lifestyle.

    Tomorrow the nurse will be removing my leg buddy and I'll be into those kegel exercises that Bill Mahe52 suggested. I've even been down to the basement to eyeball that 10 sec 464 project that was started prior to the surgery. My son Erik will probably do all the wrenching now, but needs guidance with cam degreeing and setups. We've grown closer than ever.

    This coming Tuesday I hope to review the tumor results with my Urologist.

  15. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    I am very happy to hear your progress report. You seem to have a healthy, positive attitude regarding your recovery. Keep active and follow the instructions the surgeon or nurse gives to you.
    It is just past the four month mark for me and I'm happy to report that it is almost as if I never went through this proceedure. I feel everything is "back to normal". I did have my doubts going into the second month but my urologist kept reassuring me and it certainly turned out to be true.
    Good luck tomorrow.

    Now remember these words. It will put a smile on your face when you realize the meaning:
  16. Stg'd 2Discover

    Stg'd 2Discover Lumpty, Lumpty, Lumpty

    Great news

    I just came back from the doctor and the pathology report indicated NO SPREAD OF THE CANCER. The removed tumor contained all the malignant cells and also no traces were found in the hip area lymph nodes.

    1 of God's many miracles for me.

    Bill, I'm happy to hear of your complete recovery and being "back to normal." I look forward to the same. You have been a real inspirartion to me.

  17. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    Great news Tom!!

    I guess the Almighty has a plan for us. Sometime during our journey it will be revealed.

    Take it nice and slow, do your exercises, and retrain. Don't be discouraged by the "inconveniences" during your recovery. It takes some time to adjust.

    Now don't forget! No laughing - No coughing - No sneezing! :laugh:

    The word of the month -----Kegels!!

    Keep in good spirits. :TU:
  18. 1993SC2

    1993SC2 1974 AMC Javelin, 360/4sp

    Great news that you're living life. :Brow:

    I feel like a robot programmed not to know that I'm a robot. :Dou:

    retirement... at age 65 assuming it stays put (yea right)... 45 more years! :rant:
  19. pooods

    pooods Well-Known Member

    Great news!! Get to work on that BBB as soon as you can.

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