A first timers guide to a performance SBB

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by Darryl Roederer, May 4, 2005.


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    Actually, I thought this was only true for early 455 blocks(like 70-73), and the '74-'76 455 blocks were made stronger and can handle extreme power like 600+ or above! :Smarty: :Do No:

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    By the way, very nice info. you got here, thanks for posting it. I know I can use it for sure when I do a SBB Build-Up! :bglasses:
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    WOW!!! everything i was looking for....:TU: :TU: :TU:
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    Thank's Darryl. I'm new here and going to do a sbb swap from v-6. Have alway's wanted to do a caddy motor, It's been over a year, WHEN is class going to restart?:confused: :pray: :TU:
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    Re: Selecting parts for a rebuild... What level of performance???

    what happened to this class?
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    Darryl hasn't been on much recently. it seems real life may have caught up to him...
  7. Darryl Roederer

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    My goodness! Where does the time go??!!??

    Yes, real life has caught to me big time.

    When I wrote that, I was recovering from a serious car wreck. After I recovered, things started getting pretty crazy at work, and I no longer had the time to devote to hobbies like the board. That's why it never got fiished.

    Shortly thereafter, I quit my "contract" job under less than good conditions. Then I devoted myself full time to building my farm house, which has since been completed. Next I ran into a childhood friend who owned a delivery company, and was looking to expand into trucking. I started working with [for] him, and we have built the company into a multi million dollar business with 73 employees.

    Somewhere along the line I sold off my entire buick collection. It started with one car to a friend, yhen another to a friend of his, then another, then the parts collection.... Before I knew it, it was all gone,,, Maybe enough spare parts left to build one car, but for the most part, it's all gone.

    Then my life changed big time when LOVE came to town!!!!!!
    Believe it or not, she's a supermodel... No, that's not a joke.
    She's the sister of my best friends wife. She got herself addicted to drugs as part of the fast lifestyle of a supermodel in New York City. She went thru re-hab and came back to louisville to be with her parents and I was introduced to her. The difference is striking!!! She's, er, well,,, a supermodel.... Beautifull beyond words, and I'm an over-weight truck driving part time farmer with worn out blue jeans and dirt under my fingernails, but it happened. What's more amazing is that she is the one who persued a relationship with me.... I'm incredibly lucky, not just that she's so beautifull, but her personality, spirit, and warm heart are real. She loves my kids, she ABSOLUTELY loves living on a farm [there's dirt under her finger-nails now], and we are talking about marriage and more children.

    So there you have it. Iv become a player in a fast growing multi million dollar company, I'v got the farm I'v always wanted, and I'm in love with the woman of my dreams.

    We are leaving for a family vacation to Hawaii in 3 days. Going to spend 2 weeks in the islands.

    Eventually the buick bug will bite me again, but for now, real life is pretty darn good!
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    Darryl, I hope you never wake up..:TU:
  9. Nothingface5384

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    and he's still sleeping!
    speaking of sleep... :idea2:
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    Umm Daryl, where is the 300 sbb thread??

    The little engine that could? Hmm??
  11. MattRush10

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    Darryl, Any chance of finishing any more of this in the future? :TU:
  12. bob k. mando

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    sorry guys, Darryl got out of his Buick stuff several years ago.

    he still swings by once in a long while but i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for anymore posts from him on this subject.
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    It sucks that he isn't on the board much anymore I got some good info from this thread.
  14. sean Buick 76

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    Stay tuned for my book I have tons on info from D. :beers2:
  15. Bigmarc650

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    WOW I just read this AMAZING thread and well... I guess thats it I just think that this thread is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Friday

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    I too just read this thread and found it helpful.Maybe DARRYL should have created a book on small block buicks. thanx DARRYL from FRIDAY :TU: :TU: :TU:
  17. sean Buick 76

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    Re: Fuel injecting your SBB

  18. Narangelo

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    Sean, I am still new to this forum and I have been reading Daryl's excellent "how-to" articles. I have seen you mention that you are working on a book for SBB engines. I was wondering if this book is out yet, or when you expect it to be. I would like to get my hands on it if it's out.
  19. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    Hey there Paul,

    I am still completing the book. It is behind schedule as I work a lot and the Buick stuff is a hobby. I will let you know when the book comes out. Until then I am available just PM me for advice or to chat about SBB engines.
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