900hp NA BBBuicks

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by slimfromnz, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. slimfromnz

    slimfromnz Kiwi Abroad

    Well Done guys. great effort. All that hard work and expense has paid off. Nice to be able to pull 7700rpm thru the traps.
    Did anyone manage to get a video of any runs?
  2. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Congrat's Bruce and crew on the results.... stunning to say the least!

    Also congrat's on winning Super 16!

    Good job to all involved!


    JEFF STRUBE Well-Known Member

    Very Nice Passes Bruce you guys ran well. mybe one day we will get are 3500 pound Tank to run better than 9.50's and 40's Track was a Bad Deal for use had 10 Degree's out then 15 and 25 degrees out on the Launch blu tires off every hit. Had to back the Launch Rpm off 2000 rpm. Then it would run Ok. Track Prep Sucked for use. Now back in Colorado ware there is no Air. I saw you have RacePak that comes in Handy. What was your Race weight
  4. standup 69

    standup 69 standup69

    congrats great times bruce
  5. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Jeff, I saw that you had traction issues and so did I. Other people seemed to hook well. Anyway...your car looked and performed very well, even though you had those traction issues. That's a nice ride you have there!!!!! Once you get the 60' figured out it'll be killer also!!

  6. ap1672

    ap1672 Silver Level contributor

    Here is a picture from Saturday

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  7. mygs462

    mygs462 Well-Known Member

    The 525 Stroker in Paul Pirnats old red car 68 skylark made 898 HP with a Hogan sheetmetal intake and 2 9375 DOminators.
  8. GS Kubisch

    GS Kubisch THE "CUT-UP" BUICK

    Very impressive Bruce!
    I envy those accomplishments!
    I'm interested to know the race weight as well?
  9. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    I heard his 60' was in the 1.20's
  10. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all. I thought I responed yesterday but i guess not or i will be repeating myself. Car weighed between 3100-3200 with me in it. We were all surprised at how much weight came out of it without getting too drastic. Here are the stats.
    Best 60' was 1.222
    Best 1/8 e.t. was 5.46 or .48 (Dave has all the time slips)
    Best 1/8 mph was 124.8
    Best 1/4 e.t. was 8.68 rolling out of throttle at the mph cone.
    Best 1/4 mph was 152.0

    If you saw how the car launched on Saturday you'd never think it would hook but I love those Hoosier radials. It would plant the wheelie bars and lift the front about 2 inches. Racepack registered a little over 2g's on the launch. I had to use the transbrake to activate the launch retard but never came up against the launch rev limit. Wanted the chassis relaxed but didn't want to shock the tires too much. This gave us repeatable results.

    Car drives very straight. Only scary part is that it breaks the tires loose a few times around the 1000 foot mark as if hitting bumps in the track.

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    shoot (not what i really wanted to say), i did respond, where is that unsend key. Sorry guys.

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    Jeff it can be done. You have a very impressive car. It caught my attention in the pits everytime it went down the track. I only saw one launch, chassis didn't budge, just blew off the tires. Sounds like you finally got a workable set up. You just came to a place where you now had another 50 or more horsepower to deal with.
  11. GSX455

    GSX455 Well-Known Member

    One more thing Bruce, if you do not mind Bore and stroke?

    Building a 4.375 B x 4.3 S do to having the crank, would you think it would be worth the extra expense to go with a new crank to max it out to 4.5 x 4.5. Engine shop is concerned! they have saw HP losses in Chrysler's with this sleeve when going from 4.375 to 4.5 dia. even though manufacture clams no issues.

    Is the B1 you used an old none welded flange that has the same angle as the Buick or did you weld it?

    Thanks Wayne Roberts
  12. Todd69GS

    Todd69GS Silver Level contributor

    Bruce the car was damn impressive. Nice job getting it down the track all weekend.

    Jeff I have to say that your car is a beast. Very nice car.
    We were fighting some traction issues at first as well but I wasn't sure if it was track prep or all the suspension changes we had made. The radial slicks weren't happy at first but we ended up taking 2lbs of air out and the car responded w 1.37/.38 short times after that.
  13. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Well-Known Member

    For me it wouldn't be worth the added expense. You can make plenty of power with what you have. This engine has a 4.380 bore and 4.5 stroke only because we had existing parts. No adapter plates on this B-1, they did some welding on it.
  14. buicksstage1

    buicksstage1 Well-Known Member

    Here is a couple pics I found on the board.

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  15. GSX455

    GSX455 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bruce good job 1st time out with new motor. hope to have mine together by early 2013
  16. D-Con

    D-Con Kills Rats and Mice

  17. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for finding those. Naturally I'm trying to gather up all pictures and video clips I can find. That side shot is a great one. Perfect launch.
  18. td99

    td99 Well-Known Member

    hey Bruce what size and whos convertor are you using?
  19. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Well-Known Member

    The converter in the car is a 9" ATI. I've also had great luck with A-1. This is the first time we've had a properly matched converter with the Apollo. Every time we put an engine out of a GS into the Apollo they tighten up by 500 rpm because of the different headers.
  20. TomGS72

    TomGS72 Silver Level contributor


    Which heads are on this engine? Who did the port work?

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