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  1. Steve73GS

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    God bless the people who were murdered on 9/11, the many others who died afterwards from exposure to the toxic mess the towers left and our fallen military members who have given their life to this country to root out the country's enemies and protect/preserve the freedoms and liberty we have. Never forget.
  2. PaulGS

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    Amen, brother!
  3. Guy Parquette

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    Thank you for posting... I was going to.
    We had an office lady where I worked (Ford dealership) that took a vacation to New York that week, and all we knew is she had scheduled to take a tour of the towers sometime that same morning. We lost contact with her for 3 days. Everyone thought the worst. finally the cell phones started to work where we/she could get through. Turned out her tour was for later that morning.

    God bless...
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  4. Guy Parquette

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    I'm sure there are more stories from some of us out there.
  5. Steve73GS

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    No thanks needed Guy but appreciate it. I agree, many stories. Our town lost several people who were parents of children my son and daughter went to school with, one father I had just seen a couple of days before at a open school night.
  6. telriv

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    Unfortunately I lost quite a few GOOD customer that fateful day. One had gotten off the train & was walking down that road that lead to the towers when, he told me, that the 1st. plane struck. He said he turned around & was immediately able to board a train back home which turned out to be the last out that day.
    Again, unfortunately he hasn't been the same since as well as a few other customers of mine.

    Tom T.
  7. no1oldsfan

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    Amen. Sad day for the world. Changed things forever. Peace to All.
  8. 2001ws6

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    I have this photo in my garage. I had found it in an attic of a house I bought.

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  9. Guy Parquette

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    Wow. Nice

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