79 Skylark coupe with bucket seats, console, and sport mirror doors

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    Another end of the line Skylark coupe (79) has appeared at the East El Paso U pull it. (U pull U pay, 12000 East Montana Ave / US 62 and 180). only one of two pre late eighties cars they have left, they crushed everything else. Yard has a boring sameness of fwd garbage filling it's rows now.

    Car has bucket seats, center console still in it. Both need restoration, but the metal frames and metal parts are excellent. Steering column is already gone. Both doors still on car, both have factory mount holes for sport mirrors. Front fenders are usable. Front bumper is very good. No good front plastics - heat and time have destroyed them. And yes, the car has a good hood.

    I still have a pair of front headlight buckets, front fenders, some grille mount and hood latch hardware, a grille emblem and horizontal stainless strip, the front fender portholes, and a rear bumper for these cars. PM if interested, I have cell phone pics of this car, but the file extension is wrong to upload on a desktop, for some reason.

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    The fenders went to DVAP (desert valley auto parts) and the headlight extensions went to a guy in El Paso who sells parts full time, can provide his contact info if anyone sees this and needs them.
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    wish I was close, I would go down there and strip it clean

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