77 Dodge b300 400ci w/2bbl "stumbles/bogs" on take off

Discussion in 'The Choo-Choo shop' started by ancientx, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. ancientx

    ancientx horn/antler&bone carver

    Title says it. Carb was rebuilt and running fine a 4/5 months ago. In the last month I've noticed it's been steadily been... hesitating(?) when i give it the gas from a stop. I have to flutter the pedal or double tap it and give it way more gas than feels right.

    Any suggestions?

    I just added a new cap, rotor and coil, which seems to help with overall power and mileage, but hasn't done anything for this problem. :(
  2. N360LL

    N360LL milehi71Stage1

    Seems to me like some carb tuning is in order. The settings from a few months ago may be fine for summer but in winter they may not be the best.
  3. ancientx

    ancientx horn/antler&bone carver

    Tanks for the reply. That makes a lot of sense. :laugh:
  4. TexasJohn55

    TexasJohn55 Well-Known Member

    Check timing and vacuum advance operation. Check for cracked or broken vacuum hoses.
  5. ancientx

    ancientx horn/antler&bone carver

    Thanks! Will do!:grin:
  6. ancientx

    ancientx horn/antler&bone carver

    To anybody who's interested, I finally got the garage cleaned up enough to get the van in last week. (along with firing up the stove in there).

    All the vacuum lines are in great shape, so that wasn't the problem; neither was the timing, it's spot on.

    The BIG problem: 3, yes three, of the carb-to-intake manifold had worked themselves loose. :eek2: This was definitely a "WTF!?!" moment.
    I know those had been tight before. At any rate I re-tightened them and it ran much better. I also tweaked the fuel/air mix and the idle. WAY better now.

    Thanks for the advice guys.

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