77 CJ5 w- Buick 3.8 even-fire v6. Add EFI??

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    Hello all! I have a mint, custom built 1977 CJ5 with a 1978 231 even fire V6, Th400 tranny complete with ratchet shifter and shift kit, custom frame, and original, beautiful steel body. I had the engine all rebuilt 2 yrs ago, and probably have about 1500 miles on it. It has a kennebell 4 bbl intake, w-a holley 600cfm carb. It flies like the wind, but there is no doubt I'm pouring the fuel to it, and wasting money, and compared to throttle body, losing major performance. My question, to you guru's is does anyone know of an engine I could easily find, and salvage what is needed to swap over to efi, or should I break down and spend the big bucks on a premade, ready to install kit? It has a temp sensor, and a plug on exhaust manifold to install an 02 sensor, but does not have any spark knock sensor. Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions?
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    The absolute cheapest system you can get would be a TBI off a Chevy 4.3L V6, or some Chevy V8, complete with TPS sensor, pressure regulator, two injectors and idle air control valve. You'll need an adapter to bolt it to the intake but that shouldn't be to difficult. Then purchasing a Megasquirt 1 would be the cheapest start, but getting a microsquirt would be a solid upgrade and should be able to control the four wire IAC valve, which I'm not 100% sure the MS1 can do. Then you just need a decent fuel pump and possibly a sump or surge tank for fuel (any EFI system will require the same). You'll want a wide band O2 sensor, again any EFI system will want the same.

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