72 buick interior kit

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    not mine

    These OEM replacement parts are no longer available. They were purchased for a 1972 Buick Skylark Custom hardtop w/ benchseat. other 68-72 GM A-body cars use many of these same parts. here's complete list 1) OPGI SDP48 BK (PUI# 72UDW10) front door panels 2) OPGI SDP51BK (PUI# 72UDW10C) rear side panels 3) Corvex CV07-HR10 headliner side window trim 4) OPGI S210061 glovebox liner 5) OPGI S220104 (PUI 0248-1) beaded style door seal weatherstripping 8pc set 6) OPGI SHC12BK (PUI 68AH10B) bench seat headrest covers 7) OPGI S2197BK (PUI 71US10B1) benchseat w/ armrest upholstery 8) OPGI S2194BK (PUI 71US10C) rear seat upholstery 9) OPGI S210124 black uncovered sail pcs 10) OPGI S2102 BK (S-107BK) rear package tray upholstery 11) Soffseal AMS0845 trunk weatherstripping 12) Soffseal AMS5022 2dr weatherstripping w/ clips, ends 13) Soffseal AMS5024 A-Body roof rail weatherstripping 14) Soffseal DJR0420 U-shaped door jam rubbers 15) OPGI CH326BK front headliner windlace 16) OPGI CH327BK rear headliner windlace 17) OPGI SB517K body mount bushing set 18) OPGI CH708BK door jam windlace set 19) Soffseal AMS0849 quarter window vertical seal set 20) Soffseal unknown window/door weatherstripping 21) OPGI ACC26BK interior molded carpet 22) OPGI SRC32BK (PUI 68AR10C) armrest panel cover upholstery Prefer to sell this as whole lot, unless it makes sense otherwise Call or text only Steve 386-228-78.three.one

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    Do you still have the car? Any pics?
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    Wish I had seen this a while back. I can’t find the ad on Facebook now. I may try to call the number later.
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    NOT MINE...https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/261842046759964?media_id=0&ref=share_attachment

    New PUI Deluxe (black w/wood trim) front door panels and rear side panels
    $800 · In stock
    Listed in Mahomet, IL

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    New PUI Deluxe (black w/wood trim) front door panels and rear side panels for 1972 Buick GS / Skylark. Never installed and still in mfg. weather sealed packaging. Changed direction on our project and don't need them. Cost plus shipping.

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    are these complete front and back chrome too?
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    applogies i checked your link they are not

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