71 skylark 9k louisville ky

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    For sale is this 71 Buick skylark. Has a new 350 and new top. Interior is in great shape. Just needs a headliner. The paint is actually new, but has tiny little imperfections in some spots. This is a very reliable car. You can drive it home. Tires are good. Brakes are good. Engine sounds good. Has a good rumble to it. The new 350 motor only has a couple hundred miles on it. Fun car for sure. Only asking 9,000 obo. Thanks


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    Dang! Yer on a roll Kerry! Another clean looking machine : )
  3. Dano

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    More accurately Kerry is "on the hunt" I'd say.

    Same colors as my '71 vert (Burnished Cinnamon/Sandalwood top) exc. mine has a Pearl White interior. It's going to look good... Had to download that nice side shot for inspiration
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    Actually, I am just a big window shopper, but if the right car came along.....
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    We all love to window shop. Problem (maybe) is eventually something does come along:).
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    That is exactly how I ended up with my GS400. Got a little carried away with the on-line shopping during the COVID19 quarantine... :rolleyes:

    I have no regrets though!

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