70 GS Conv Well Trim/Molding

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  1. tminihan

    tminihan 1970 GS455 Vert - Project

    I'm installing the rear window felts (outer) and have a question about the interface between the felts and the well trim. The well trim appears to overlap the chrome bead on the rear of the felt.

    How is the felt trimmed?

    In the photo of the drivers side, I sliced the rubber on the outside of the felt and slipped the tab on the well trim through the slit and then put the screw through the felt, tab and into the quarter panel.

    Is this correct or should I screw the trim tab directly to the quarter panel (photo of pass side w/out screw) and then slide the felt (trimmed) into the well trim and then anchor?

    Trim 1.JPG

    Trim 2.JPG If anyone has a photo of the correct install that would be great. Thanks, Tom
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  2. TimR

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  3. BuickV8Mike

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    Damn that ss looks good! :)
  4. Smartin

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    That's how I installed the one I just did. I actually had to trim a little bit of the metal off to make it lay correctly, too.
  5. TimR

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    Thanks :) 14 years after I polished it too! Autosol works really well, been using it for years. Once buffed just need to keep it clean. I know I buffed some parts by hand, others were with polishing wheel on a old furnace motor, pretty sure that one was by hand I was nervous I might hurt it, they are big pieces and hard to find (up here anyway). Labour of love that car don't know how many hours I put it into it stopped counting after a while....

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