68-72 Skylark Misc Firewall Sections, Sides Too

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    Your chance at some original, hard to find front firewall areas including the sides. This firewall section that I am going to cut the transmission area, price is 60.00. I do have many other section on the firewalls including the A/C opening 60.00, gas pedal mount with throttle cable opening 25.00. Column opening is $25.00. Toe boards sections if needed and regular torque boxes, not the larger ones with two bolt holes. Right side full shoulder with door hinge jamb, blower motor panel and splash panel for $175.00, have a left side too. I also have just the door jamb hinge panels with no shoulders for $70.00 each. Lower corner windshield pieces $50.00 per side, 90.00 pair. Paypal accepted as sales, money orders too. Joe 602-298-7090

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