67 Wildcat Electrical issues

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by ozamecnik, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. ozamecnik

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    I recently bought a 67 wildcat 4 door hardtop from a friend. I only paid 950 for the car and it was a pretty good deal because its solid, and he did 70% of the body work already, and the original interior isn't too bad. He put an edelbrock 650 cfm carb on it and started it once but now it has no spark, it just turns over until the battery is dead. He claimed when I bought it that it was because the fuse box was shot, and it is, quite a few connestors are rusted completely away and the wires are hanging in some places. I don't know anything about the way these cars are wired so I need to know which of these wires/fuses would be blocking the ignition coil from sending a spark. Im also confused about the wires that go to the coil. He put in a new msd ignition so he did some weird **** with it. Theres an orange wire that comes out of the harness right about where the carb is, on the passenger side of the engine. it runs right along the valve cover, and he has that running to the coil. but theres also a red wire coming out of the same harness up next to the coil itself and that too is attached to the positive coil post. He also rigger one driect from the battery because of the bad wiring but that doesn't work anyway. As for the negative side it goes to the points and condenser, and another wire goes to the capacitor. But in the factory wiring specs I saw there seemed to be a brown wire running from that negative post to the fire wall into the fuse box, and there is a disconnected brown wire in that location. So any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated. Regardless it was a good deal in my opinion, but I would sure love to start her up. And yes incase your wondering I checked the coil, points, point gap, condenser, capacitor, plugs, and wires. so I don't believe it to be a simple tune up issue photo.jpg
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    Rather then have a Mickey Mouse mess that will probably catch fire at some point, you need to find a new or good used fuse box and start over with the wiring. Get a service manual for the car and do it by the book. Depending on how badly the previous owner has screwed things up, you may need to replace the engine compartment wiring harness.
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    What John said. It's gonna have to be done at some point anyway, so might as well bite the bullet and get it done. If you haven't got one yet, you need a factory service manual. These are available for a slightly cheaper price if you get the one that has been converted to a CD like this one:


    I bought one for my '61 LeSabre and it was the best money I spent on it so far. HTH

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