67 Carb and GS Air Cleaner

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    I decided to let all the stock 67 parts I have go. I have a nice GS air cleaner, base, and knob with a new and old filter to go with it. It has never been repaired or repainted, I used it for the last 10 years to sit on the car at shows otherwise sits on the shelf. I also took off the 67 carb I was running on my 430 and 455 up until last fall. Car ran fine with carb, when it was rebuilt several years ago all parts were plated and presents very well I decided to switch over to EFI last year. I want to sell these as a set and would like to start at $1000 for the set, but would consider offers since I really don't know the going rate of the air cleaners these days. I will not separate so please don't ask I want these to go as a package.

    Parts are located in Lorain Ohio and the buyer pays for shipping and insurance. I plan on putting them on Ebay at the end of March but wanted to over here first.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Here is how the air cleaner and carb presented in the car.

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