'65 Skylark Disc Brake Swap - Progress So Far

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  1. BuickGS65

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    '65 Skylark Disc Brake Swap

    I started the disc brake swap on my '65 Skylark, when I noticed my rearend axle seal was blown and discovered my rear end was shot (burnt fluid etc). See this thread:


    Anyway here is the progress/findings so far on my '65 Skylark disc brake swap: (Hopefully someone can use this info.)

    Using '72 Monte Carlo spindles, calipers, caliper brackets, rotors.

    The holes that go through the original steering arms to mount the spindles must be enlarged slightly.

    I was originally going leave it as a manual setup, but the brake pedal rod on the original single master cylinder is not removeable. The easiest fix was to buy a 9" booster (where the rod is attached)... And I am using a rebuilt '67 Skylark dual master cylinder. ----or if you still want the manual setup, you are going to have to find a pedal rod from the junkyard.

    I'm using the pre-bent power disc brake swap line kit from InlineTube...

    I have the brake assemblies mounted -- that's as far as I've gotten because I'm waiting for my rearend to be built.

    I will post my progess...
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  2. Topless64-455

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    Please keep the info coming because I will be doing this soon. I need all the help I can get!
  3. DugsSin

    DugsSin Well-Known Member

    :TU: Excellent info Dan. Document the **#@%^ out of it and include the rear build up too. Part #'s are real important in my book.
    Thanks for your efforts. :beer
  4. BuickGS65

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    Ok, the disc swap is now complete... I'm taking some photos and making a list of the parts/modifications... Stay tuned. I will be posting the details of the swap for everyone in the next few days, or after the Buick race this weekend for sure...

    What a difference!
  5. 65-7.5 Liter

    65-7.5 Liter Member

    :sleep: any update's???
  6. BuickGS65

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    Parts List


    From Inline Tube:

    BKB64D1 Power Disc Brake line conversion set
    BRK-01 Prop. Valve Bracket
    PR-100 Proportioning Valve

    I used the spindles, backing plates, and caliper brackets from a '72 Monte Carlo. Here is a list of parts I bought for a "72 Monte Carlo" :

    Bearings: Timken Set2 & Set6
    Reman. Calipers: I forgot the brand... Make sure you get calipers that have the fitting for the brake hose nearest the firewall (toward the rear of the car)
    Pads: Duralast Gold DG052NS
    Rotors: Duralast 5514
    Hub Seal: Timken 8705S
    Rubber hoses: find hoses that are appropriate length

    Reman. Master Cylinder for a "1967 Skylark" w/front disc: Fenco M1521

    Reman. Power Brake Booster for a "1965 Skylark": (9") Cardone 5473540
    ***Must remove the rod from the front of the booster, and find a shorter one. I found a shorter one on a "72 Monte Carlo. See Pic.

    All remanufactured parts share the same #
  7. BuickGS65

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    Picture of "long" power booster rod. This is the long rod that came with the booster... You must find a smaller one. See note from above post.

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  8. BuickGS65

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    Here is where that part goes:

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  9. BuickGS65

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    Frame Brackets

    I had to enlarge the frame brackets to fit the new flexible rubber hoses. I also added this "spacer thingy" I got from a brake store.
    See pic.

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  10. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Everything bolted together... No real surprises. But MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I will glady answer any questions... Here are a few before and after pics.

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  11. BuickGS65

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    I also had to relocate the horn relay. See pic.

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  12. BuickGS65

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  13. BuickGS65

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    Got Disc?

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  14. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    So what do you guys think of the setup? (appearance, etc) Comments?
  15. DugsSin

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    Dan the mags look sweet as does the whole setup. Wanna let the old master cylinder and lid go? :rolleyes:
  16. D-Con

    D-Con Kills Rats and Mice

    Can you itemize the cost of the conversion?
  17. Topless64-455

    Topless64-455 Well-Known Member

    Prices would be great

    I just bought all parts new except the booster,master cylinder, hoses, and prop valve for $575.00. The booster, master with bleed screws, lines to prop valve and metering valve by the master are used from a 70 Monte Carlo. Was this a good deal?
    I plan on running headers and heard the prop valve may be to close.
  18. Slick65

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    Hey Dan! How did you like the "fit" on the pre-bent brake line kit??
  19. abodybill

    abodybill Well-Known Member

    whatsa spacer thingy, im confused better picture please
  20. 425 Dual Quad

    425 Dual Quad Restoring 65 'Lark - help

    Looks good, planning doing similar to mine so it's interesting to see where the prop valve goes. Is it supported on the body or supported just by the lines?

    I have an '81 Le Sabre set up to go on. I'll have to live with the plastic master cylinder reservoir.
    Do you think I can use the master cylinder & pedal box complete? To my mind this was the safest way of doing everything.

    best regards & thanks

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