65 Rivera Body mounts.

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    I am feeling pretty stupid but reall could use some help. I am working on a 65 Buick Rivera. I purchased a set of body to fram bushings from OPG. This kit has 5 bushings per side. Here is where the problem starts. My 65 has 6 bushings per side for a total of 12. One by the rear bumper, one between the bumper and rear axle, one above the rear spring, two in from of the door and one in the very front by the bumper. First the rear bushing has a oval metal insert and the rest of the original bushings hace a round metal insert. The new bushings only have a round insert. So it appears the bottom half the the new bushings match up with the original lower busing halves. The top bushings do not match. The original bushings has a betas surface at the bottom and top of the busing the busing is 1” thick. The lip that goes through the frame is 1.5”. The new upper busing does not have any metal surfaces the lip is 1.3” and height is 5/8” of an inch. In looking at the old Buick parts catalog they lost a general busing BM4 that looks like might be the upper busing. What are guys doing for body bushings. Can anyone help with a correct body busing set for A 65 Rivera. Any help would be appreciated.

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    That's a question you need to ask on the ROA website.
    Normally those of us at the ROA don't use ANYTHING from OPGI as most of it is junk & just an adaptation & assumption a part from any other vehicle will work.

    Tom T.

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