'65 401 Carb 3921S Rebuild Surprises

Discussion in 'Carter' started by UntamedKitty, May 7, 2015.

  1. UntamedKitty

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    Looking to replace the 4-Jet on my freshly rebuilt '66 407 Nailhead, mildest cam/springs upgrade with this AFB.

    Decided to freshen up the AFB and upon dis-assembly and cleaning found 120-256 primary jets, which fit a 5/64" drill bit, secondary jets the same size but unmarked, both step up rods bent and one longer than the other measuring .080/.065, the pump discharge check needle missing, and the fuel inlet screen missing. The primary shaft has a little play in it, .010"? Some AL corrosion due to the exhaust gas getting through the base gasket, no SS plate was used.

    What have I got here? And what jets/step up rods should be in here, or what would you guys recommend?
    This is not a race car.

    Thanx in advance for any feedback!
  2. Bigpig455

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    Untamed - when I first did the Doc mod on my 401, I made some jet adjustments on my AFB that worked pretty well on a slightly warmed over stocker.....you'll have to go back and find the thread from 3-4 years ago, but it has all the specs.
  3. telriv

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    Because of the front metering rods the front jets are ALWAYS larger than the rear jets. The throttle shafts need to be re-bushed.
  4. micmo

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    on my 64 riv I put a 600 holly tuned to 13.2 runs great:) lots of power 342 posi
  5. carmantx

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    I just built one of these, but I don't recall off the top of my head what the jet sizes were marked. I keep notes on all of my builds, so I could look it up.
    The shaft can be bushed with larger 3/8" bronze bushings. These AFB's also benefit from a non leather accelerator pump. Use the garter spring ethanol resistant pump.

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    at work now but from memory the basic 600 edelbrock front jets are 100 , rears are 95 and the standard metering rods are 70 x 47 . that may help give ya a ballpark start .
    edit : yeah , close -
    manual choke 600 : primary jets 100 , rods 70x47 , secondary jets 95 , orange step spring
    electric choke 600 : primary jets 98 , rods 75x47 , secondary jets 95 , yellow step spring
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