64 Buick Wildcat 2 door hard top project! (my first buick)

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by kubes, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. kubes

    kubes New Member

    I Recently picked up my first Buick, 64 Buick Wildcat 2 door/hard top, car has been sitting for a lot if years in a small town field. I am still thinking of what I want to do with it! In my mind I want to go with an air ride setup, first of all I need to get rid of the old pitted windshield and get a new one in there so I can drive it at night! second day driving it and it is a great cruiser! (I am 25 years old and this is my first Buick/full sized car that I have owned, it will be an interesting project for me.I was looking into muscle cars Chevelles/Camaros but came across this while driving through a small town and fell in love with it! the pics with the snow is from the first day I found it which was sometime in February,the clean pic is from yesterday,my first time driving it. wildcat 2.jpg wildcat 4.jpg wildcat!!!!.jpg wildcat 1.jpg 64 buickk.jpg
  2. TheRev

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    Nice find and good decision going with the Cat - it is a muscle car in its own way. The car looks unmolested and complete. It appears to be in similar condition to my 62 Wildcat when I found it. This is a great forum and everyone is very helpful. You will find the Buick community to be tight knit and always willing to help out. As for air bags, due to the long wheel base and massive rear quarter if you want it lowered you should probably bag it. Mine is lowered with no bags and I have to choose my path very carefully. Focus on everything that holds or moves water/oil/fluids first - get the brakes inspected ASAP even if they feel ok (mine went out 4 days after I brought it home).
  3. 64 wildcat conv

    64 wildcat conv Silver Level contributor

    Welcome. Your Cat looks like a nice project. Search my posts and you will find a lot of info on different projects I've done to my 64. I've done just about everything but an engine rebuild. Keep us posted on your progress.
  4. kubes

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    There seems to be a lot of helpful Info on this site! So far I'm just fixing a few small issues, I finished up installing wheel cylinders,brake master/brake hoses,new rear hard lines and the car is working great! Had a heating issue due to a plugged rad, there was so much scale build up.. Installed a different rad from a galaxy that I had and installed electric fans and that issue is now fixed! The next issue is my charging system, headlights/dash lights dim easily so I am going to check all my grounds, alternator seems to be keeping the battery charged.

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