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Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by ricknmel67, Oct 5, 2003.

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    I met with Tom Miller today and recieved a bunch of parts from him for free (plus gas and toll fees for 6+ hours of driving in Mels 71GS). Anyways... I planned to "pass the torch" and give away a bunch of the stuff I don't need and/or want from his batch. While I was snapping pictures in my garage tonight, I grabbed some of my own stuff I've been hanging onto too. So I'll be posting a bunch of threads here tonight (and they'll all start with this boring blurb), and all the parts are free plus actual shipping unless otherwise noted.

    <b>Please post IN THIS THREAD if you want the part, and then email me your address to ricknmel@woh.rr.com
    No PM's please. The PM box gets too full, too quick.
    Simple instructions:</b>
    1-First post in this thread reserves this part for you.
    2-Please do not sell these parts. If you don't use them for yourself, give them away!
    3-Email me your shipping address and I'll get it sent out via USPS.
    The shipping cost will be right on the package.
    4-Mail me a check for the shipping amount after you recieve the parts.
    If you'd rather pay via paypal, please add $1 to cover the paypal fees

    OK.. so on to the part for this thread.......

    Not sure what all years and model these fit, but they don't fit any of my cars. Pads are gone and/or shot, and they need painted or rechromed, but they are solid.

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