486" dyno results

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  1. 71bskylarkk

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    Hello, just wanted to share the dyno video and results of my new set up.

    486" stock offset ground crank, molnar rods, diamond flat top pistons. Stock block with half fill, girdle, etc.

    Edelbrock heads lightly ported by me, TA 308S Solid roller cam, sp1 intake, with Holley super sniper stealth throttle body efi on top.

    12.7:1 compression ration fueled by E85.

    Made 493hp/463tq through a loose converter, th400, and full 3" exhaust with magnaflows.

    Next up to figure out is a vacuum pump on the engine while keeping my powersteering and alternator.

    Planning on daily driving it, racing it, and all that good stuff.

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    Close to 500 on the wheels is pretty good with the heads only lightly ported.
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