455 buick possibly stage 1

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by bigblockbuick, May 19, 2013.

  1. bigblockbuick

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    455 buick stage 1 still haven't gotten the proof of it being a stage 1. its fairly hard to do so since the engine is located at my fathers in Cookeville, TN. and I'm located in Pleasanton, Tx. i paid 250 for it put 900 dollars in it at miller machine shop in cookeville so ill let it go for $1000.oo you pay for shipping the engine is perfect. sonic checked bored .30 over .10 .10 on the crank the cam is there heads all new ready to bolt on everything is oiled up with rust prevention spray in thick plastic bags except the intake and the oil pan as you can see i put this pink naval jelly on it to get the rust off and it just made it worst looking havent cleaned or painted it yet because i moved away i can give you the number to the machine shop that worked on it if you need to know anything else ask i have lots of pics 043.jpg
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    What year is the motor? What comp ratio? Do you have more pictures?

    Thanks, Matt
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    put me in line I live 35 miles from there
  5. bigblockbuick

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    Ill be able to post more pictures later...around 6o clock this morning I was on the phone about it numbers are not there on the block where it would say TS or TR or TF it is a 71 engine though I'm waiting till around lunch for the engine vin telling what car it was in and which factory it was installed at but I'm more positive now that it's not a stage 1 or at least the heads are not stage 1 heads
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    I will pass nice deal. Tony
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    hey intrested in 455 i live in sa tx text me info please 2107879745
  8. Is this still available?

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