4-doors that you can fit a 455 in?

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  1. Any ideas on which Buick 4-doors would house a 455 without major hackery? We have a 455 here and a Turbo 400 (9”ish tailshaft) rescued from the pick-n-pull looking for a home. Maybe something more “affordable” versus super collector. We’re in SC if you think that has any bearing.

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    Start with the list of cars they could be found in - 1970 - 1976 Electra, Lesabre, Centurion and Skylark. These are all affordable including the Skylark since you're only looking at 4 doors.
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    There’s a guy in Florida who put one in an 80’s El Camino. There’s a whole race class at the Nats for 455 Regals. There’s a lot of ‘78-87 G bodies out there; Regals, Malibus, Bonnevilles (the little ones) etc. that are small and light.
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  5. Ok thanks. Are the g-bodies 4-door? I’ve only seen 2-doors. Or, I should say, that’s all I’ve ever paid attention too.

    We’ve got plenty of 2-door stuff over here. Just thought the 4-door would be different.
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    It's a big block but the size isn't as big as you think considering Buick engine bays of the era. It will fit almost any rwd Buick from early 60s up until about 1980, when small displacement, small light car became the norm and they switched to FWD in most cars. Any Buick that came with a 350, 231, 430 it will bolt right in with minimal modifications and the
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    I am partial to the 73-77 Century and Regals, great cars with lots of aftermarket parts interchange from the Chevelles of the 73-77 era.
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    And 73-75 have the pretty swoopy front fenders :)

    They also share parts from Oldsmobile and Pontiac A bodies

    Here's a brochure showing body styles for 1975

    buick 1975Buick-02.jpg

    1972 - Different style bodies

    buick 1972 01.jpg


    buick 1968 Mid Size Models.jpg

    Full brochures can be found at https://classiccarcatalogue.com/HOME.html
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  10. How about a ‘65 Skylark Wagon? It’s got a motor in it now, but I don’t know what.

    Which leads me to another issue: I don’t have any accessory brackets for the 455 I have.
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    Is that a Spotwagon? Let's see a pic.
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    The current engine is likely a 300 cid Buick.

    Remember that the correct accessory brackets for a 455 may vary by model year. Determine what model year 455 that you have and post a thread for the brackets under the Parts Wanted section.
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    My daily driver is 92 Caprice LTZ. I think a 455 in that would be kind a fun ride.... LTZ basically means bunch of cop car parts with the TOL interior... Got the 700 trans in it along with 3.23 LSD... Car itself 116 WB vs the 115 WB that the 64-67 A-bodies.... weight I never weighed either it or my 67 but I'd say close to each other...

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