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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by bmxerbrett, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. bmxerbrett

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    So far I have added on to my stock 1971 buick skylark 350 was the TA Stage 1 intake manifold and an edelbrock 600 cfm electric choke carb. The car has a 3 speed auto in it and 2.56 rear gears and the 0-60 is still a respectable 8 secs. That is pretty good with a 2.56 rear. I'm lookin to add a 3.08 posi rear and help out the ecell. These buick 350 have alot of potential. I'm looking to get reid of myt single 2 inch big exaust leak pipes. Going to put on TA Performance Competition headers and either dual 2.5 inch exaust or dual 3 inch exaust with the x pipe system runnin flow master mufflers. Going to install a ram air box from www.ramairbox.com there only 150 bucks for my car and will increase hp by around 6% I beleave. Lookin to port and polish the heads on my car. Anybody know how much that would cost and how much hp that would give me? Also I know a company that makes fiber glass hoods, fenders, trunks, and bumpers for our cars at a pretty cheap price. There website is www.vfnfiberglass.com Great site check it out. Um any more websites anybody know about or any good 350 buicld up tips reply.

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    You are in the right direction here. You won't need a 3 inch system, a 2.5 with an x-pipe would be good. Headers will be a big help from your single exhaust.
    The 3.08 posi will help a bunch.
    Porting the heads will really wake everything else up, we have had some very impressive performance gains with our ported 350 heads. Jim Burek P.A.E. ENTERPRISES
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    I had Jim Burek do porting work on my 70 350 GS motor and they came out great..and he also set me up with my cam and adjustable push rod's..all set up to work with my motor and gears..and with the advise of Al..(G.S.Thunder) who also is a heck of a mechanic..he put the motor together.it did run 13.4 at Englishtown last Sept..with a bad trans..and street tires..there is plenty of more power in the motor..
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    Can you tell me a little bit about your motor i.e. cam, pistons, intake, carb, HP & torque numbers? I'm building a 350 now.

    Thanks, David
  5. bmxerbrett

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    H.P. And Torque

    Well my 350 is basicly stock only with a new ta stage one intake manifold and a edelbrock 600 cfm electric choke. 0-60 is between 7 and 8 secs thats with a 2.56 rear and a 3 speed plus trying to pull a 3800 lbs car with three guys in it. Thats pretty good at least I think it is for my grandma boat. Although today I checked my oil and had water in it. I almost cried. I destroyed my all orignial numbers matching car. So I'm putting in a 455 and a 4 speed. I really really recamend getting the intake manifold and a 4bbl carb. BIG BIG BIG difference. Took off 3 seconds on 0-60. It used to be 10 secs. The buick 350 are far better than those over rated chevy 350.
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    Here is just a little about my 350: Poston S-Divider Intake, Edelbrock 750 Electric Choke Carb, Headers, 2.5inch Exhaust Dyno Max Super Turbo Mufflers, 2500 stall converter 8.5 10 bolt posi w/3.23 gears. Car runs like a raped ape! Eventually I'll get the heads done and watch out!


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