2nd annual "South Florida Buick Get Together"

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by Waterboy, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. ubushaus

    ubushaus Gold Level Contributor

    Hey John,
    I'm not sure if we've met and I have been laying low on the v8 board for a while, but I saw a FaceBook post about this event by Mayra Alex. I cleared it with Curtis Stanley on that page to post an event listing but wanted to confirm with you that you wouldn't mind. On your go ahead, I'll create the event and cross promote it on other Buick pages.
    Best Wishes,
  2. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Hey Joe,
    Yes, and thank you!!! Alex is my oldest son. Sometimes he has no clue what he is doing, or just doesn't pay attention. I harassed him today about not placing the address. I like the FaceBook idea. There are so many Buick people I meet that have never heard of the V8 Buick forum.
    Where are you located? Probably to far away, but I'm giving you a personal invitation myself! Thanks again Joe!!!
  3. ubushaus

    ubushaus Gold Level Contributor

    And the time wasn't there either LOL! I live a LOT closer than you think! We are in Lake Worth. For the past few years I have been supporting my son's budding baseball career with Little League and Travel ball, so the Skylark project is stalled. I'll try to make it to this event, but I bet there will be a game or something that may make me late or unable to attend. I'll still do a Facebook event and promote it on other pages. I hope I can make it to the event!
  4. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Well hot dam!!! Joe... I really do know what you are going through with baseball. My nephew has 3 boys. He has spent more hours on the baseball field with them than anyone I know. How have his kids turned out? Awesome!!!
    So you are in Lake Worth too? I have a buddy, Milton, AKA Stump puller, (I think), who lives in Lake Worth too. He has a beautiful 70 GS that won't be making it over because the body left it's frame yesterday.
    The time? 11 AM till whenever.... Hopefully you can make it over before, or after if your son has a game that day. Give a shout anytime.

    PS... If your Skylark can't make it over bring the Riviera
  5. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Just an update... As I believe I said before, I met a gentleman at Cars and Coffee last month. He's going to bring two 1959 Buick Electra's to the get together. One is a hardtop and one is a convertible. They are beautiful! A V8 forum guy, Jim, from the west coast said he would bring his 70 GSX over. That will be so cool!!! Steve, AKA Briz said he will bring his beautiful custom Riviera down for the show. What a luxury muscle car! I've got some other people coming that are not on the board, but are in my phone. It should be a real good turnout. Hoping for more V8's. I think we will surpass the number of turbo cars that will be here. Yay!!!
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  6. Christopher Spouse Drew

    Christopher Spouse Drew Well-Known Member

    Buick Friends! Maybe someone can help me, I'm thinking about getting this 1967 GS project, but I live in an apartment and this thing is in pieces and needs to be restored. So I need a garage or a storage unit not crazy far from me(Boynton Beach) that I can start working on this thing. Any idea's for a cheap space? the storage units ive seen for rent to fit a car are hundreds a month! After a couple of months the storage bill be more than the car haha. Any help would be great, hopefully ill be getting a house in the next year :D
  7. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Good morning Christopher,
    Sure wish I could help you with your dilemma. A 67 GS, awesome!!! I'd volunteer my backyard, but it is amazing code enforcement isn't on my case already!
    Good luck..............
  8. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Good morning Buick fans! I went over my buddies house Saturday. He had a beautiful, unrestored, 1970 GS455. Then I set him up with a body man friend. Oh boy.... Now his beautiful, unrestored GS is getting a full frame off restoration!!! His car will NOT be making it over for the Buick Get Together.
    IMG_5449(1).JPG IMG_5450.JPG IMG_5451.JPG IMG_5452.JPG IMG_5453.JPG
    As you can see, it is in lots of organized parts now. To top off what will be an awesome restoration he is also getting a 482 cu. in. engine and tranny from Jim Weiss. That will be the icing on the cake!!!
    Saturday evening my son and I went to a car show at The Mellow Mushroom out in Wellington. I met a guy with a 1957 Buick Century. He said he'd come by for "The Get Together." More V8's. Yeah!!!
    Don't forget if you are down south, Broward County, there is a Buick Gathering this Sunday from 10 till 2 PM. It is being held at Gerinimo's Bar and Grill, 5810 S. University Dr., Davie, Fl. There will be a large group of Buicks attending. I'll be there along with a bunch of other Palm Beach County Buicks. Come on out and support our Buicks!!!
  9. Christopher Spouse Drew

    Christopher Spouse Drew Well-Known Member

    I cant wait till i have that much garage space!! I might have to text you about this body man friend. When i get this 67 I want to do everything right and the body work has begun but I need someone skilled to look it over. Unfortunately I think im out for this Sunday, waiting on parts for my car.
  10. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Founders Club Member

    I think I can make the Sunday one, seeing how as I am in town and Geronimo's is all of 5 miles from my house.

    Still unsure about the other -- work travel beckons.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    -- Steve
  11. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Christopher, Hope your parts come in soon! My son says, "Who is this Buick guy that lives so close, but we haven't met him yet?" You are welcome to come over anytime! Best time to meet the body guy is at my buddy Jack's house any afternoon after 5. He comes by every afternoon, has a few beers, and goes home. A truly awesome body and paint guy that is a 1 man show!

    Steve, I hope to finally meet you! So tell me... What do you do? From our past discussions I am going to guess you are a chef for a cruise line? I'm probably totally wrong. Hey, if you come Sunday, can you bring the air cleaner you are not happy with? We might be able to work some kind of deal out. Maybe?
    See you soon!
  12. Christopher Spouse Drew

    Christopher Spouse Drew Well-Known Member

    As soon as this disc brake conversion is all installed and working ill be over John!
  13. Briz

    Briz Founders Club Member

    Whats he doing with the old engine?
  14. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    good morning steve, i just got back from therapy. my left arm is not happy. milton is keeping his numbers matching engine and transmission. but.... he is giving me a great deal on his headers and entire 3 inch exhaust. awesome!
  15. hvramesq

    hvramesq Silver Level contributor

    still planning on coming but might not make it. Depends how far my son's soccer team get in a tournament and what time slot they play that day if they make it.

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  16. Patent Pending

    Patent Pending Well-Known Member


    We had a blast at the inaugural get together and, unless something changes, we are planning to take our Buick up to meet everyone again.

  17. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Founders Club Member

    I was a no-show at the turbo get together today. Had to catch a flight. Kinda bummed.
  18. gsfred

    gsfred Founders Club Member

    There was a good turnout. I'm guessing over 30 turbo cars as well as a few V8's.
  19. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    Howdy Buick Fans!,
    Yesterday morning we met up with a bunch of GNs and 1 very nice super charged Riviera at the Lake Worth Turnpike Plaza. The Riviera was owned by Joe, a V8 forum member. Good to meet you Joe! We were all going to drive in a caravan down to Ft. Lauderdale and meet up with a bunch of other Buicks there. It was pretty cool having a ton of Buicks parked in front of the turnpike plaza, and then seeing people get out of their cars, notice all the Buicks in the parking lot, and run back to their cars to get their phones to take pictures. We left the plaza in a pack of 12 Buicks. It was a very cool ride down south with lots of people taking our pictures and giving us thumbs up. We got to the parking lot of a restaurant and parked our cars next to about 20, or more, other Buicks that were already there. That's my favorite kind of car show! When we got there Alan and his wife were already there in his very nice 69 GS400 Convertible. There was another 71 Buick GS, and then another 69 GS400 convertible showed up. Very cool!!! I wish I could remember there names. Dang I'm stupid when it comes to remembering names!!! The weather was great, we all got to sit back and relax, and for some of us with bald heads, we got sun-burnt!!! A very good day indeed. I've got some pictures and a couple of videos. I think you can only download 5 pictures at a time. I shall see......

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  20. Waterboy

    Waterboy Mullet Mafia since 6/20

    I guess you can download more than 5 pictures. Here are a couple of videos of the caravan..... I tried..... It keeps saying security error occurred. I can't do it. Sorry.....

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