2014 bca national ca caravan to portland

Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by compactbc, Apr 5, 2014.

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    The plan is to leave Orange Cnty on Monday 7/21 (EARLY) and spend the 1st night in Modesto (364 mi), 7/22 drive to Garberville,CA, for 2nd night (315 mi), leave Garberville on 7/23 and arrive in Grants Pass, OR that evening (234 mi) On 7/24 leave Grants Pass on I-5 to Portland, OR (252 mi).
    The route is as follows: On 7/21 take I-5 to US Hwy 99 to Modesto. (364mi). On 7/22 US 99 to US HWY. 120 (at Manteca) to I-205 to I-580 to San Rafael and go North to US 101 to Garberville, CA(315 mi). On 7/23 take U.S. 101 all the way to Crescent City, CA and then take U.S. 199 to State Hwy 238 (at Fruitdale) to Grants Pass, OR (234 mi). We welcome anyone to join us anywhere on the route. Contact wagon master, Bruce Andren 714-317-1110 or www.bruce@compactbuickclub.org
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    What's going on in Portland?
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    Buick Club of America national show
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    I'm leaving for vacation the 26th. I'll have to try and swing by before I go
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    Hmmm very tempting! Since I just acquired a 70 GS. Gotta make sure it'd be road worthy lol.
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    can someone post details about this show? I didn't know anything about it.....
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