2014 BCA meet... Took a while to post THIS!!

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    I apologize for the lateness of this post... I finally uploaded pics of my epic journey to the 2014 BCA National Meet.

    I figured the BEST way to go to a Buick event is to DRIVE a Buick. So, I contacted a great friend of mine- Mr Mike Sobotka- to help coordinate a drive from Idaho to Portland, Oregon for the meet. Mike had said he planned on going and was going to take a few of his cars. We then worked out the details...I would fly into Boise, hang with Mike for a few days and then head to the Meet. Plan was simple enough...

    I was greeted in Boise by beautiful sunny weather, clear blue skies. Mike had picked me up at the airport. We decided to have lunch on the way home... only to be served by a little cutie from...... New York... LOL. Poor Mike had to endure total New England accent for about an hour..

    I got to where Mike lives... and was STUNNED at how beautiful it was. 016.jpg 017.jpg 018.jpg .

    Everyone I had met was polite, nice, kind. One morning, Mike visited a fellow farmer. As I sat at his table, his wife had asked if I wanted breakfast...before I could say 'no, thank you' I had a huge plate of farm fresh eggs, toast, meat, coffee, fruit in front of me. As we left, I was taken aback by a very nice, warm hug and a huge smile from the family... This appeared to be the norm... A variant from what I am used to...
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    Mike and I had decided that Wednesday we would be heading out.. So, on Tuesday, Mike wanted to pick the cars we would be taking... He decided on one of his 1970 GSX Stage 1 4 speeds, a 1971 GSX Stage 1 and a 1972 GS Stage 1 convertible. 019.jpg (more photo's soon)...

    With a grin, Mike said 'sh*t, you're drivin' the red one'... Which turned out to be a completely original, numbers matching car that ? had 1 repaint and had never been apart... Red, black top, black interior. Tuesday was also the day that Mike showed me his collection. All I can say is AMAZING. We went through and got the cars running, washed, ready for early Wednesday morning... Or so I thought.. As day became evening, we were looking at his cars and parts, taking the GSX on a BLAST down some back roads.. Then an 86 Grand National, then my 69 GS 400 convertible, then had to move several GS's to get the red car out... only to find it was low on trans fluid and wouldn't move.. Suddenly, it was 11:00 PM, then midnight... Still plenty of time to sleep and get up early.. However, the trailer still needed to be unloaded, the truck fueled, the 71 to be washed, the 69 to put away.....
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    I awake at 0700 Wednesday morning.. Mike is already up, farming. The 72 is ready and packed. Mike unloads his trailer. First off is this concours gold awarded 1972 GS Stage 1 4 speed. Just stunning... 202.jpg (more pics to follow). Mike says 'hey, let's go for a blast'. I hop in the passenger seat and off we go... Luckily, most roads in this area are just LONG and straight....So, Mike snaps the steering wheel, gets the Stage nice and straight and NAILS IT. The car lifts up and pushes me back into the seat....first gear is a blur....second gear- she's pulling like a freight train... third gear and I am still sinking into the seat....fourth gear and she's charging still......As with most roads, they eventually END...in which, you have to stop... Hence, you need brakes, in which, we found DID NOT EXIST.... Crazy_Face480.jpg . I hear Mike saying 'oh sh*t!!!' as I'm saying 'hit the E barke....HIT THE E BRAKE!!!!' as Mike is trying to downshift... He gets it into third, she bows down, RPM's come up, Mike cuts the wheel into a gravel driveway, the car is sliding sideways as we are trying to bleed off 50+ MPH of speed...we bolt all the way around a garage, still sliding sideways and finally end up at the edge of the road... Mike turns and says 'gee, that was fun'... and begins to laugh jovially...
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    After I change my underwear, we are loaded and on the road- noon/ 1 pm... much later than expected. Mike and Prana are in the truck w/ trailer, I am following in the 72 GS Stage. About 20 minutes into the ride, we stop for a quick drink.. As I walk out, I am greeted with this..... 026.jpg 027.jpg . Not a good way to start the trip... I have to add this tidbit... In our haste/ rush to get the cars cleaned, loaded, prepped, we failed to load a jack, tools and spare wheels/ tires.... So.... we had to call a tire repair company... who came out an hour and a half later.... 029.jpg .. Only to find the cause of the flat tire was this gem.... 028.jpg 030.jpg . Tire was repaired and off we go....
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    Guessing niether one of you know the BoyScout Motto .. :Dou:
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    Here we are, blazing down the hiway at 65-72 MPH. We're ~ 3 hours into the drive, maybe 150-175 miles from Mike's house... I then notice a vibration... Slight, subtle at first... then it becomes a shimmy- the car is wobbling back and forth.. I call Mike, who is ahead of me and ask if the hiway has some defects to it. He says 'ya'...then the shimmy is worse.. I call Mike and let him know I am pulling over. I fear the lug nuts on the front tire were NOT tightened.. I take out the tire iron and am able to turn them..ya, a little loose... So, I get back in the car and off I go... Now, the whole car is wobbling side to side. I call Mike again who is a few miles ahead of me pulled over on the break down lane. I am limping the car along the interstate at 40 MPH with the hazards on... Praying to God to keep me alive to reach Mike. I catch up to him.. I inspect the tires and find THIS on the PS rear tire.... 031.jpg 032.jpg . It is after 5 pm and there are NO local tire places around. The tires in the GSX's are Poly Glass... So, Mike is forced to call his son to load 2 sets of rims/ tires and drive 3 HOURS out to meet us.. So, we set up camp on the side of the interstate and just laugh... 210.jpg 209.jpg 208.jpg 033.jpg 034.jpg 035.jpg . Mike drops the trailer to make a run 15 miles up to a truck stop for a much needed break- coffee, bathroom, rest. He leaves me a tire iron, a knife and a gun... 'If anyone tries to take the car or the trailer...' Eventually, his son arrives, I change the rear rims/ tires, and off we go... 036.jpg 037.jpg
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    As dusk is slowing coming upon us, I decide to drop the top.. Sunglasses on, shorts, Tee shirt, ear buds in, great music... Night envelops us...There is a slight chill in the air.. I turn on the headlights.. Only to find the dash light dimmer must also be original.. as the dash lights only turn on at the middle of the turn.. and wow, are they dim.. But, I soldier on...Hmmm, that's funny, the headlights are dim.. Then again, they are the ORIGINAL headlights- T3's, no less.. Hmmm, and 1 isn't working... Ah, who cares.. I'm following Mike and it's an old car.. Somewhere around 10-11 pm, it is FRIGGIN COLD!!!! The temp has dropped, the top is DOWN, I have the heat on and the windows UP but it doesn't make a difference... IT"S FREEZING. Then, we come across this sign that crosses over the hiway- much like the 'Welcome to Wallyworld' sign in the movie 'Vacation' that states 'Welcome to Oregon'. Now I am excited!!! We are close... Only 4 or 5 hours to go.. easy drive.....

    Like some of you, I have acquired a 'honed' sense of where police are- where they hide, how they hide, etc... Shortly after crossing said state line, this 'sense' kicked in.. and my head turned to the median where I saw, out of my periphery, the faint glow of a computer screen... As I watched in my rear view, I could see a shadow of a vehicle pull out onto the highway- WITHOUT ANY LIGHTS ON- INCLUDING RUUNING/ HEADLIGHTS- and slowly creep up on me. I call Mike... 'Hey, I'm fixin' to get pulled over'.. I am travelling at 55 mph... The shadow moves from the passing lane, to the middle lane, to my lane... slowly shortening the distance until it's kissing my bumper....Then it's the friggin Fourth of July!! I'm lit up, I pull to the side of the road.. The Trooper strolls up and SHE asks for my license and registration.. And my Lord she is HOT!!!!!! So, I put the Boston accent on----HEAVILY. I mean as bad as in Good Will Hunting.. I also make small talk and so on.. Turns out she's engaged and became a Trooper about 2 years ago and lives several towns away and..... Anyway, I am stopped for a non functioning headlight. 'Just get it fixed'. I leave with a thank you and 'am looking forward to seeing you again'....
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    ....then I am pulled over by every Trooper from the border until we reach our destination.. It gets so bad I just pull over and say 'yes, it's my headlight, I know as I was just pulled over a few miles back by Trooper X' and we laugh and I go on my way... Hmmm, these dash lights look dimmer.. and the HEADLIGHT is awfully dim...

    We finally roll in at 0400 hrs on Thursday. The dash lights are no longer working.. I feel that a crucial part of the charging system has failed. I test my theory and turn the Stage off. I attempt to start it and.....she's deader than a fart. The alternator, now 42 years old, is dead. Perfect.. All we want to do is sleep...

    At 0730, we are awakened by a squadron of F-15 fighter jets lifting off from the local airport...
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    And that's enough for tonight.. To be picked up tomorrow. You may ask 'why are you typing this- because who cares?'.. I am attempting to show you, the reader, the FUN of the journey, the FUN of the journey with an old/ classic/ muscle car, the FUN of the journey with FRIENDS, the fun of the journey to see friends and the fun of making and meeting new friends.. And that is exactly what happened on this trip. With ALL of the mishaps, failures, near misses and delays, it still was one of the best journeys I have had :):):)
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    X 2. :beer

    Keep the story rolling George. :TU: You are correct, nothing like jumping into an old car and driving half way across the country, which I did for BPG in 2013. But, I DID pack a floor jack. :bla: :bla:
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    Sounds like a great story, can't wait to read the next chapter!!!!! :>)
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    Will pick this back up when I have time.. LOL. Yes, there's more.. LOL:laugh:
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    Some of us aren't getting any younger and would sure like to here the rest of the story :TU:
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    So, there is a little funny story between arriving at the hotel and awaking to F15's... Mike, Prana and I walk into the lobby and greeted by the woman behind the desk with a huge smile and a 'Welcome to...'. Mike begins to check in... only to discover the is no Mike Sxxx on the register. Checks again- no reservations... Well, we had both taken reserved rooms under other people who were not going.. Mike then says 'oh, crap.. it must be under the other name'...Nope. Now Mike looks at me, I look at him, poor Prana is almost asleep standing up... I say 'how about a reservation for George Dxxx?' She says 'why yes, here is your key'. My eyes light up like Ralphi in the movie 'A Christmas Story' when he gets his Red Rider BB gun. However, I will wait until Mike gets his room situation squared away. He runs to a computer and prints out the reservation and happily gives it to the woman..with a proud look on his face -similar to the proud cat that gives its owner a dead bird.. She looks it over.. 'Sir. Your reservation began 2 DAYS AGO. WE DIDN'T HEAR FROM YOU AND YOU DIDN'T CHECK IN SO WE GAVE AWAY YOUR ROOM. WE ARE FULL FOR THE BUICK EVENT'.

    I tell Mike to take my room and I will sleep in the trailer or truck or one of the GSX's :). It turns out the hotel room had 2 queen beds. Made the decision to split the room. However, you know how it is when you travel w/ a woman and privacy.. So, once awoken by the military and calling several Buick brothers in the hotel (Chris, Mark and Don), I was able to use Don's room to shower, shave, etc... Don was kind enough to leave me his key at the desk. So, again, I stumble to the front desk and strike up a conversation w/ a few of the women that were there. I told my tale of whoa- the failures, the cops, the room situation. One of them says 'well, we have ONE room open for today- as it is reserved for someone coming in tomorrow. You can use it until then'.. :):):). Well, that person never checked in..
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    jon11.jpg That was day one. The day(s) of the show were EXCELLENT!!! Saw some GREAT cars, met a bunch of Buick people, met face to face old internet Buick friends...

    jon6.jpg jon3.jpg jon7.jpg jon4.jpg jon2.jpg jon8.jpg

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    This story needs to be written and saved, thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the next chapter :laugh:
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    Drinking, great food, good friends.. Great weather, fantastic show!!!! Saturday = repair day. Replaced the alternator, replaced the headlight.. Everything working as it should. Plan was to wake up EARLY Sunday morning, load, eat and hit the road for the alleged 8 hour drive back home.... Sound familiar?!? :laugh::Dou::ball:.

    Got up at 0700, met Don in the lobby, then shortly after was Mark.. Followed by Chris. We said our good byes and off they went.. Now it's 0800.....0900......1000......1100........1157 and down comes a very tired looking Mike.. We load the cars, eat, and head off to meet up w/ Mike Neilson... 045.jpg 046.jpg 050.jpg 053.jpg
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    And then hit the road for our ~ 8 hour ride home... Of course, that never goes as plan.. Flat #3 about an hour or two into the ride.. 056.jpg 057.jpg .. Once repaired, we were bombing down the highway. Beautiful, warm, sunny weather..not a cloud in the sky, great music on the radio..

    Wayyyy off in the distance ahead of us, I saw this little column of smoke... 058.jpg ... which led to this.... 059.jpg . And, we sat.... 10 minutes became 30. Cars were shut off, people were out walking around talking to other highway drivers.. 179.jpg 180.jpg 181.jpg ..

    After several fire trucks taking that side road, we figure it was a large brush fire or a car fire... 183.jpg 182.jpg 184.jpg ...

    Only to find this.... 185.jpg .. It was a motor home that burnt to the ground and started a large brush fire that closed down the highway for 2 hours. The family, including the dog, got out safe...

    After that, the top stayed down all night until we rolled in at 0130? 0200 hours...
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    Dang thats one heck of a Road Trip... I felt sorry for ya but then again... its life and at least you have a story to go with your journey. Look at the bright side... It could of been a boring road trip. No HOT cop, laughing with cops, wondering why the lights were dim and saying the heck with it. Then there was the lovely hello from the UNITED States fighter jets THEN... the BCA MEET. :Brow: A HECK Of a time.

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