2013 Great Lakes Regional Tour Info

Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by Catmando, Feb 17, 2013.

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    I'm new to V8Buick.com. I like the site. Looks like there's valuable info available here. Maybe I can even help someone else as well. I'm wondering what the Great Lakes Regional Tour is about. I live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and own a '65 Wildcat Convertible. I'm interested in Buick events. Thanks!
  2. SpecialWagon65

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    Welcome to v8! You should check out the Buick Club of America ( buickclub.org ) as we are having the National Meet in South Bend Indiana July 17 thu 20th. I'll have a 65 Wildcat there as well!
  3. Roberta

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    July 13-16, 2013, Michigan
    2013 Great Lakes Regional Tour
    Early Bird tour on Saturday with an ice social at the historical automotive homes in FLint. Frankenmuth on Sunday, Buick Gallery with meet and greet pizza party on Monday. Tuesday leave for South Bend stop at the Gilmore Museum for lunch then on to South Bend. Or hang in Flint for another day and leave for South Bend by way of Gilmore on Wednesday!!
    Hosted by the Buicktown Chapter of the Buick Club of America

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