2005 GSM Rules for the BPG Nationals in Salem

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    The turnout for the GSE class in Bowling Green was awesome. The rules for GSM at the BPG Nationals in Salem will be the same as the GSE rules. Join the rest of us cohorts and lets make the class even bigger!

    1. 1965-1974 Buick Skylark, GS, Gran Sport Century and Buick Apollo bodies only. Factory glass must be in place.
    Steel bumpers only. Factory GS hoods, Skylark hoods, fiberglass hoods, gutted steel hoods OK. Pinned on hoods OK. Stage 2 scoops and cowls only. Externally mounted gauges OK. Sponsorship decals OK as long as the are on the windows of the car.

    2. Any Buick V8 in any year model OK. Aftermarket block is legal.

    3. NO cubic inch limit. 7.75 lbs per cubic inch rule will be in effect for aluminum headed cars up to 3800 LBS. max weight. Meaning cars over 490 inchs do not need to weigh more than 3800 LBS. 7.30 lbs per cubic inch will be in effect for iron headed cars. Stickers will be placed on drivers side of windshield with minimum weight of each car after CI is claimed. All weights are WITH driver.

    4. The following cylinder heads are legal:
    Iron 400-430-455
    Iron Stage 2
    TA aluminum Stage 1 Street Eliminator
    TA aluminum Stage 2 Street Eliminator
    Bulldog Stage 1

    5. Any single 4 bbl cast intake is legal. No sheet metal intakes. Dominators OK.

    6. No turbo charging, super charging or NOS allowed. Fuel injection OK.

    7. Under the bumper ram air OK. No head light removal.

    8. Gasoline only. NO oxygenated race gas, alcohol or methanol. NO power enhancing additives. NO oxygen or nitrogen bearing compounds.

    9. Any headers are legal. Exhaust system is required to the rear axle, 3.5 max. Car must have 2 mufflers 3.5 max. Any commercially available muffler is legal.

    10. Any torque converter is legal.

    11. NO trans brakes allowed.

    12. Suspension mods limited to springs, bushings, air bags and shocks. Bolt on traction devices and upper/lower control arm replacements are legal. Aftermarket sway bars OK.

    13. Slick width limited to 10.5 by sidewall designation. DOT tires limited to 13.5 by sidewall designation.

    14. Trunk mounted fuel cells legal. Lowered gas tank sumps legal.
    15. Full factory interior required with the exception of front seats, after market seat allowed for safety reasons 2 required, roll bar, shifter and gauges also allowed.

    16. Cars will race heads up, off a ladder set by qualifying with the fastest car racing the slowest car off a .400 pro tree.

    17. Once CI/weight has been determined all cars must weigh before returning to the pits, after every pass, during qualifying and eliminations.

    18. Tech crew to determine who, when, and where any P&G-ing of cars.

    19. All cars must conform to NHRA rules for speeds and ETs obtained. This will be STRICKLY enforced if you want to run come legal, the rulebook will be on hand for any discrepancys. Tec for safety will be done by rules committee not the track.

    Let it begin...



    Hi Jeff.
    Do you know what day (or night hopefully ) that GSM will be running?

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