2004 Regal GS to Crusher

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by Dennis S, Jun 12, 2023.

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    I hate to report this but I just crushed my 2004 Regal GS it had 250k on its supercharged motor still purred like a kitten . Problem it was rotting from the underside, rocker panels rotted out, took in water , lighting wiring cracked and inoperative , digital dash shot , core support shot . A/C went south, fuel gauge inoperative. Sounds like I didn’t take care of it , but I did synthetic oil change every 4K . It just sort of just took on all these problems last couple years from lack of use and being an outside car in NJ. Just couldn’t justify keeping it and dumping money in . Didn’t want to pass it on to somebody to drive as a money pit. I bought this car new I really don’t have any complaints . Went from family sedan to beater to loaner to driveway decoration . I’ll post the a video of it on the forklift .
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    Sounds like it had a good run. RIP.
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    I'll pour out a little non-ethanol on the driveway, for another brother lost.

    Two fiddy is a good run, yo...

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