2003 GSE Rules **Posted**

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    2003 GSE Rules

    1. 1965-1974 Buick GS and GranSport Bodies in appearance years allowed. Body must appear stock, using factory glass. No fiberglass and no externally mounted gauges. Only factory GS hood is allowed and must close within 3/4 of an inch flat. No Stage 2 hood scoops. No sponsorship decals.

    2. Any Buick V8 engine can be used in any year model. The new aftermarket block will be legal.

    3. Any Buick production cylinder head is legal including the cast iron Stage 2, the aluminum "Street Eliminator" head and the aluminum Stage 1 heads.

    4. Rear gear ratios are limited to 4.10. No torque converters smaller than 9" allowed.

    5. Slick width limited to 10.5" by sidewall designation, rear DOT street tires limited to 13.5" by sidewall designation.

    6. Any single four-barrel cast intake manifold is legal. Any headers are legal. Header extension legal measured from front of collector to front of tapered cone not to exceed 34 inchs (front being were multiple pipes enter collector). Tapered cones not to exceed 8 inchs in length. All x-pipes must enter no more then 3 inches in diameter and exit no more then 3 inches in diameter. The rest of the car must be 3 inches or less. Car may have only two mufflers and two tail pipes. Any commercially available muffler is legal.

    7. Suspension modifications limited to springs, bushings, airbags, and shocks. Bolt on traction devices and upper/lower control arm replacements are legal. Aftermarket torsion bars are legal.

    8. You must run an air cleaner. A typical 360 degree (round) commercially available filter housing must be used. No non-filtered holes can be drilled and housing must be sealed tight to a commercially available air cleaner.

    9. No aftermarket seats. Cars must have front and rear seats, and have the full factory interior.

    10. No trans brakes allowed.

    11. Lowered gas tank sumps are legal. Trunk mounted fuel cells are legal, though the appearance (visible from the rear of the car) of a stock tank must remain in place.

    12. Minimum weight is 3800 pounds with driver for aluminum headed Stage 1 and Stage 2 cars and 3600 pounds with driver for iron headed Stage 1 and Stage 2 cars.

    13. No turbo charging, supercharging, fuel injection, nitrous or any other means of induction other than carburetion. No alternate fuels such as alcohol, methanol, etc. Gasoline only, no power enhancing additives allowed (oxygen and nitrogen bearing compounds etc). No factory enhanced fuels allowed Testing of fuels may be done randomly and by discretion of committee members, if any fuel is found to be "enhanced" competitor will be disqualified and banned from any GSE races and all prize money will be forfeited and returned.

    14. No clutchless transmissions such as Lenco, Jerico, or Liberty.

    15. Cars will run off a ladder with fastest cars racing slowest off a pro tree.

    16. Cubic inches limited to 468. All entries will be P&G'D prior to eliminations and must be within 1% of the CI limit. Top 3 cars at an event will be P&G'd after race is over by discretion of the committee members.

    17. NHRA/IHRA safety rules will be enforced (depending on track run) by committee members for E.T.'s and speeds attained, even if not enforced by the track. THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE.

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