1986 Buick Century 3.8 Fuel pump relay location

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    Hi. I have a 1986 Buick Century 3.8l. I recently changed the fuel pump, filter and regulator. NOw however, about 3 months later I believed my fuel pump to go out again. I had a couple diff people look at it and tell me the pump went out again. So, today i changed it. Now when I turn the key, I get no sound coming from the pump engaging. I believe it may be the fuel pump relay. I checked the owners manual, for the fuse and relay locations. The fuse box is located in the glove compartment. In the manual, most of the fuses in the car match the manual. However, there is a fuse being displayed in the owners manual for a fuel pump relay that is simply not there in the actual car. The manual calls for a 10 amp fuse. In the car there is no brass connectors to plug the fuse into, jus an empty slot that is not even labeled. All the other fuses are labeled. I know most relays are usually found in the battery junction boxes under the hood. There is nothing in the Chilton or Haynes manuals as to the location of the fuel pump relay. I looked around on Google and everyone seems to keep saying they are behind the drivers side headlights under the hood. There is nothing there. I cant find any kind of diagrams that have the location of the relay. I did ind the wiring schematic for that car and it does show a relay in the schematic, jus not the location. If someone can please help me with this that would be awesome and greatly appreciated... Thanks.
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    Isn't the fuel pump relay located under the bonnet, at the fire wall, under a plastic cover, like in the '90's Park Avenues ?


    Check your "Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac 1985 thru 1995 Front wheel drive" Haynes manual.
    On page 152, the fuel pump relay is #3 in the scheme, located at the fire wall :Smarty:

    The fuel pump test connector (C8) is located at the driver's side front of the car, also under the bonnet.
    Next to the fuel vapor canister solenoid (15)

    Sorry for the bad quality of the photo, I did not have the time to make a decent scan for you:

    Emission control component locations - Typical 1986 and 1987 3.8L V6 engines


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