1971 trunk lid on a 76

Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by fatboybuick, May 14, 2020.

  1. fatboybuick

    fatboybuick Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me if a 71 buick electra trunk lid would fit on a 76 electra. I have a 76' that need a lid and I cant find one. Thanks much, if closer to milwaukee wi would be better. Also looking for rear bumper
  2. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    i thought they where different but now looking at them i have no clue. i know the lesabre was totally different.
  3. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

  4. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    like i answered in your other post:
    72, 73, 74, 75 and 76 are the same.
    1971 came with the louvers
  5. garyd

    garyd Well-Known Member

    the lock mount and the chrome strip on the trunk are different.
    i think 71 was galvanized
    ive got a 71 on my 75 and it looks smashing

  6. fatboybuick

    fatboybuick Well-Known Member

    @gary do you have any pics of your 75 with the 72 lid? I have a 72' electra coupe that I also have a 71' lid. I love the louvers
  7. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    i would love to swap to a louvered lid on my 72 lesabre
  8. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD" Staff Member

    Looks pretty close,

  9. fatboybuick

    fatboybuick Well-Known Member

    71' lid is in!!! Thanks everyone for the input

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