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    ...slightly OT question for knowledge geeks. I've always been under impression SCOs were "offline" mods for simple reason that they required doing things that weren't part of normal assembly line procedure. Things like paint color, drilling holes, and installing non-RPO stuff, all of which negatively affected assembly line speed, especially Ornamentation Package.

    Enter Bulletin 71-7, announcing the 4 ala carte GSX options. Whenever I read it, everything's straightforward until I get to sentence; "It should be pointed out that there will not be the usual delay associated with SCO orders, GSX Option orders will be produced in the same time duration as any normal sold or stock order."

    Front spoiler's easy, just throw it in the trunk, but the other stuff required above mentioned work.
    Anyone know explanation for how Flint fast-tracked these options, given they were rare?
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    I would imagine they kept these specialty items in stock by then. They also knew the procedures for painting the cars so that was already figured out.

    I also imagine that by the time the 71 SCO cars were starting to be produced, ( which was mid-production) there were not that many orders for the cars so they could handle them in a respectable period of time.

    You have to understand how many problems they had with producing the 70 GSX's.
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    I also know that their statement was not always correct. Brad Conley's black 71 GSX was certainly held up in production.
    They must have had a hard time with painting a black car with semi-gloss black stripes. His car was shipped from the factory with red pin stripes only.

    I know it was delayed in production due to the fact that the date codes of the parts for his car are a week later then others built the same week.
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    ...trying to further my Flint assembly line education, a few more questions. Since Fisher did everything behind firewall, I assume they did deck lid holes/torsion bars. Did Fisher install rear spoiler, or was that done at final assembly? Then there's the hood tach. Somebody on final assembly had to drill hood holes, then front end got painted and assembled. I assume car then went offline for striping and tach install. Was tach installed before or after striping?
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    Fisher did everything on the exterior of the shell, including the base paint colors and firewall paint. This included the exterior door handles and the rear spoiler and deck lid torsion bars.
    That is why the rear spoilers are shown on the big body shop inspection sheets, as well as the sport mirrors and exterior colors. (This sheet was produced at Fisher Body)

    Fisher also installed the headliner, the door panels, the entire rear seat assembly, and the rear carpet.

    GM final assembly installed everything on the firewall, as well as the front seats and carpets. They also painted and then installed the front end sheet metal pieces,..........so yes Fisher and GM both painted part of the exterior of the car.

    If you want to know what was done by which division all you have to do is look in the assembly manual. If it is in there then it was done by GM. If not then it was done by Fisher.

    For a GSX, after the car went thru the line it was taken to the factory paint shop to be stripped.

    Now I really don't want to get into exactly how this was done because all it is going to do is create a "$hit storm".

    I interviewed the people that ran the paint shop and the guy that actually painted the majority of the X's and was going to write an article about all of this but decided against it.

    All it will do is piss everyone off, as there are some people out there that will never believe the facts, no matter how accurate they are.

    So for now this is all the info I will give on the subject.
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    ...good enough for me, thanks...
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    No sweat.
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    So Fisher body installed the spoilers, then is that why I'm not finding it the factory assembly manual? What size holes were drilled in deck lid for the spoiler install? I take it the spoiler brackets were installed through those holes, is that a correct assumption?
  9. Duane

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    Yes, Fisher installed the rear spoilers, and that is why you can't find that info in the Assembly Manuals.

    I think the size holes drilled and the different brackets that were installed on the 71-72 cars were shown in one of the 70 or 71 Dealership Bulletins.....and yes the brackets were slipped thru the holes.

    Maybe someone has a copy and can post it up.
  10. docgsx

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    Duane, was that the information we got from Larry? It was several years ago that I met him at the Devereux car show here in Sarasota Florida when he saw my car. We had a nice conversation and I got him on the phone with Mark Reeves, I was thinking you guys all talked about how it was done after that.
  11. Duane

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    I don't remember how I got in touch with the people that were involved with doing the actual painting of the cars but I remember talking to the superviser that ran the factory paint shop and the guy that did the painting.

    I would have all that info in the notes I took from the interviews.
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    So are these brackets 71-72 style? upload_2020-3-19_7-5-52.png upload_2020-3-19_7-6-38.png
  13. 64 Hardtop

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    Is there any manuals or prints available on Fisher Body assembly other then 1971 Fisher Body service manual? You made reference to 70-71 Dealership bulletins. But how would those assembling the body with a rear spoiler have known where to locate and install rear spoiler?
    Also wondering what the difference of rear spoiler brackets would have been?
  14. Duane

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    There is zero information I know of regarding Fisher Body info other then the Service Manuals. That is part of the problem we have.

    Buick sent out Dealer Bulletins to all the dealerships, regarding recalls, or common repairs they might find needed on cars that were still under warrantee. These were issued by Buick not Fisher Body.

    There was one regarding having to replace Original 1970 Rear Spoilers, and as they already had the 1971 style spoilers in the mix, the bulletin noted the differences and what was required to install the 71 style on the 70 cars. The 71-72 style spoilers have a longer (front to back dimension) pedestal base, so the brackets needed to be longer. (In your pic it looks like the repros are 70 and the originals are 71-72.) Buick made the brackets longer because they were afraid that if the dealerships put the longer base spoilers on without changing the shorter brackets, that it would dent the trunk lids if someone pushed on them.

    Somewhere on this board I posted pics of the 70 & 71-72 brackets with I believe the measurements. I did this before I sold them, as I wanted the information out there while I could still do it. Maybe someone can post a link.

    But if you want to know the size of the holes to drill in the trunk lid that info would have to come off a car.

    Your best bet would be to start your own thread and ask the questions. Otherwise you may not get enough people to see your questions on this thread.
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    Thank you for your input, much appreciated.
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    Got that!
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    All good info..
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    "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead" lol.

    I'd personally love to hear truth but I don't have a "done" GSX so... To those who can't handle the truth...

    Like the Coronavirus forum, if one doesn't want to read it...

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