1970 GS455 distributor 1111984, rebuilt and recurved

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  1. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Recently completed, and now for sale.....

    Distributor # 1111984 with late 1969 datecode (see pics)

    correct for 1970 Buick GS Skylark 455 cid

    completely rebuilt, replated, relubed, refinished.

    Performance Advance curve installed. (suitable for stock to street performance applications)
    Set your initial timing at idle to 10-12degrees BTDC
    max idle 850rpm
    +18deg by 2500rpm
    +20deg by 4000rpm
    +24 degrees mechanical advance limit at 5000rpm
    +11 degrees vacuum advance

    no cap, no rotor

    selling and shipping to the USA only

    $350 shipped via insured USPS Priority Mail

    Call 860-218-5780


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